Any vegans here ? I am curious (read desperate) to know if a change in diet has any positive effect on endo

  1. I've been mostly plant based with the exception of eggs for the last two years, and gave up eggs 6 months ago to be entirely plant based. My symptoms actually have gotten WORSE in the last year (was diagnosed this summer). Cutting out alcohol did not help either. I also try to avoid gluten and excess sugar. My bad luck I guess!

  2. If it isn’t ethical, I would highly recommend considering adding pasture raised eggs back into your diet. It might just be anecdotal, but eggs help me so much with seemingly damn near everything, but especially gastro/digestion. If my digestion is better, so are my endo symptoms.

  3. I am not vegan (although it's something I want to try if I can work around food allergies), but no wheat, low sodium, low sugar, and low carb (nothing super drastic, but like 30%-50% of the recommended daily allowance) literally changed my life. I also keep red meat and egg intake very low.

  4. You probably want to make sure you’re absorbing enough iron and vitamin D regardless of what else you’re eating, since even when we’re not bleeding endo can be associated with chronic anemia (the lesions can cause small levels of internal bleeding that over time contribute to it even with suppressed periods.)

  5. Vegan for 3 years. I still have endo symptoms but I feel much healthier and stronger. And I think it holds of the symptoms getting worse. I recommend it. Your symptoms won’t go away, but it will help.

  6. I’m vegan, I don’t think it’s made any difference for me. Although before I was vegan my cycles were suppressed so its not a completely accurate comparison.

  7. Not vegan, but vegetarian. I’ve had problems regardless of what I eat, but obviously bloat more when I eat more bread/carbs. It’s not like normal bloating though. I end up looking 6-7 months pregnant

  8. I have the same, but I cannot find what food it’s tied with so I’m very frustrated. Did you do the association because the bloating appeared immediately after? I don’t think it’s bread for me because honestly I eat a lot of it so it doesn’t really align with when I bloat or not. What other carbs have you identified if I may ask? And how?

  9. I went vegan 10+ years ago (for the planet, not for health reasons) and my endo has gotten progressively worse over the course of time (although I think that's in the disease's nature and has nothing to do with my diet)...

  10. I've been vegan for nearly 5 years and it hasn't impacted my endometriosis in terms of stopping the progression (and there's no evidence that it could) but I believe it helps curb the more intense inflammatory effects (though I also consume medicinal CBD/THC). There's no concrete evidence that dietary changes will have a direct impact on growths/nodules but they may help inflammation. Wishing you the best

  11. I’m a lifelong vegetarian, but I would say about 80% of what I eat is vegan. I have milk in my tea and yoghurt in the morning, and cheese with maybe 1-2meals per week and an egg or two on weekends, but otherwise my dinners are almost always vegan. I’ve been menstruating since the age of 10, with endometriosis symptoms since menarche, worsening deeply after the age of 23. My diet has never seemed to have an impact on my endo/adeno symptoms unfortunately.

  12. Yes me! I found it did help, specifically eliminating dairy helped my bowel symptoms hugely and reduced my pain and bloating. This doesn’t necessarily mean it works for everyone though and it was a bonus as I went vegan for different reasons.

  13. Mine got worse as a vegetarian so I went back to meat. It was a struggle to stay vegetarian so I can’t imagine being vegan. I’m curious to know as well.

  14. Plant based vegan for 12 years. This may be purely anecdotal, but I haven’t had any masses (I had 4 masses removed and a few laproscopies prior to) since becoming plant based. I’m also much healthier, rarely get sick, zero medications (not bad for being 40+) and generally just feel so much better. I still occasionally have flare ups and really suffered with each Covid vaccine and after having Covid.

  15. Vegan for about 12 years. I think it helps, but only when I’m also eating healthy. If I still eat sugar and have alcohol I don’t feel well. Same often goes for fried foods. But when I’m eating healthy, the anti inflammatory effects really work. I just had blood work done and it all looks great as well.

  16. I went gluten and dairy free and it helped reduced my endo pain by a lot. There is also some research that links gluten and endo pain/inflammation. You should try it for at least 2 months before you see a definite result either way.

  17. I was raised vegan up until I started college. I never noticed diet negatively or positively affecting my endometriosis.

  18. On the opposite end I did keto for weight loss it helped my symptoms a bit, I'm pretty sure it's because lots of inflammatory foods are carbs and I didn't eat much red meat then either, so my bloating and cramps were tampered.

  19. I went vegetarian because I was getting sick from eating meat. I'm not 100% if it's endo related. I haven't seen a GI doc to talk about it as tbh I don't mind eating plant based. Imo it tastes better than the real thing.

  20. I have been vegan for 4 years, the biggest importance is doing your research and including proteins and nutrients that are anti inflammatory. Cutting out alcohol was a huge help as well but I was able to get off of birth control finally and have my tubes removed and endo removed in this time. I don’t think there is a “single” fix all. I think it’s a combination of things and it takes time to find the combination that works for you, because endo is random af sometimes and everyone reacts differently

  21. I'm not vegan or vegetarian HOWEVER I don't eat dairy, gluten, eggs, nightshades, or really anything that'll cause inflammation. It's helped so so so much! But I also took a good sensitivity test to see what else my body was having reactions too and that helped narrow down what was causing IBS symptoms.

  22. I was before I was diagnosed. I think because of how much blood I was losing that I needed the extra iron and protein. For me personally incorporating high quality meats and eggs has brought a lot of improvement in terms of symptoms especially fatigue. I have a lot of bowel involvement with my endo and food allergies so I can't tolerate a lot of foods that I'd rely on with a purely plant based diet to nourish myself properly. Everyone is so different though so it's probably worth trying and see how you feel!

  23. I’m vegetarian. Have been for 16 years. I don’t notice cheese has much of an effect on my pain, but I do notice milk does. So I’ve been drinking soy, almond, or coconut milk. I haven’t noticed eggs affecting me either

  24. I’m vegan and I will say that if I’m eating Whole Foods Plant Based I do notice a tiny difference in how I feel (as opposed to when I eat more processed foods), but overall my health is still pretty bad. It might give you a touch more energy and help you recover from flares a bit faster, but no amount of plants can overcome the systemic clusterfuck that is endo.

  25. Went gluten free, dairy free, no refined sugars and no red meat and I feel so much better. Going gluten free alone reduced my pain by like 70% each month. I know it doesn’t work for everyone but it helped me. I’m leaning towards vegan these days too

  26. I was vegan for 3 or 4 years and didn’t notice any kind of difference. Then I met a endo nutritionist at an endo meet up where she gave a talk and she said it’s not realistic for people with endo to be vegan because the iron and protein you get from meat is too important for the healing after blood loss and flare ups. I have also been reading “How to Endo” by Bridget Hustwaite and she interviewed a nutritionist for her book who says that a Mediterranean diet is the best anti inflammatory diet you can eat. So I’m mixing what these 2 women say and eating Mediterranean with 1 red meat meal a week. I’ve only just started so unfortunately no updates yet. Both of these women have Instagrams for their work @alexmnutritiom and @endogram

  27. I’ve been plant based since before I even got my period (I was a weird kid) yet I’ve had insane cramps my entire life. I’ll eat the occasional cheese, only 2 weeks before my period is expected because I do know for a fact it makes bathroom things easier to avoid dairy…but other than that, it’s never had a positive effect on my pain :(

  28. I have the opposite question. I've been vegan for 7 years for ethical reasons and was wondering if anyone's symptoms improved eating meat/fish/eggs? I can't eat dairy as I was lactose intolerant

  29. Vegetarian (strictly for 4 years, had to cheat sometimes due to food insucurity at times) and I can definitely say that meat, but most especially red meat causes me intense inflamation, all over my body and bloat soooo badly. So I personally feel much better not eating meat.

  30. I was vegan for awhile (vegan down to the lifestyle as well). I saw a nutritionist before starting the journey to make sure I had the right amount of food and vitamins to succeed. My endometriosis still grew to stage 3 by the time my lap happened, but admittedly my skin and stomach issues had improved.

  31. 4 years. Helped a lot. I was on Visanne and was still getting painful flare ups, so I ditched dairy and eggs around the time of my second surgery (had been meat free for a while then). Pain still happened, but less frequently and not so intense.

  32. Vegetarian since the age of 9, high fruit diet since the age of 20 21 or so. I was briefly fruitarian (about half a year to a year) and that's what made the most changes. No digestion pains, no shitting til I bleed, waking up energized, normal menstrual cycles, normal bleeding and very tolerable pain during (normal cramping, no contractions anymore), waking up clear headed and staying so, regaining a huge range of mobility I had lost, you name it. Blood work was tested regularly and came back perfect every time. There is no one size fits all in terms of diet, our bodies all need different things, but if I were to recommend any diet to try for a while, Id recommend fruitarian to raw vegan. I ate fruits, nuts & seeds the most. I stopped only because finances do not allow this where I live, fruits don't grow here so it is many money to afford this diet, as helpful as it was for me. Now I keep it vegan-leaning with as many fruits as I can x

  33. I’ve been vegan almost 10 years- not sure it’s had much of an effect on my endo. It’s all been cyclical for me regardless of diet, or lifestyle. Good times, bad times, and okay times.

  34. I’m vegan but has not helped my symptoms or made them worse. I eat pretty clean which helps (No processed fake meats). And no, soy is not bad for endo if anyone thinks it is…

  35. I’ve been vegan for 9 years and only noticed endo symptoms last year, had the surgery, and am still fighting pelvic pain. I’m all for others eating less meat but have nothing to say as to whether it will help with endo symptoms. If anything I wanted to limit my vegan diet more, seeing if I needed to be gluten free, soy free, organic only… it was never ending so I just opted to strive for clean eating as much as possible.

  36. i’m vegetarian and i haven’t noticed any changes. i bloat like crazy no matter what i eat if i eat it too fast. fun times.

  37. I went vegetarian and my cramps did get a lot better. It also meant I was eating less crap and fast food, however, so I’m not sure of the correlation. I still have cramps but it’s a lot more manageablez

  38. My only word of caution with Veganism is be wary of soy. Our bodies process soy like estrogen and many people with endo have varying degrees of sensitivity to soy. I love when I see vegan places or desserts because I can’t have dairy, but my body can not process soy to the point I tell people it’s an allergy. I don’t have any anaphylactic type reaction but without fail it will cause rectal bleeding and extreme cramping. About 80% of the time that I ask a restaurant with any type of vegan dessert “does this have soy?” They have no idea and I just skip it.

  39. I’m not vegan but have changed my diet! I found that caffeine and dairy really triggered symptoms for me so I’ve completely cut out caffeine and I have minimal dairy. It was trial and error for a while to find that it was these 2 things causing such bad pain though. Alcohol is also bad for me so I hardly ever drink it!

  40. I'm vegan and I don't think my symptoms are any better for it. Someone can be a healthy vegan or a very unhealthy vegan. I'm a little bit of a mix, but since my endo diagnosis a few months ago/having trouble conceiving, I'm working on cutting out soy and processed meat/cheese substitutes. I'm also going to cut out gluten which will leave me mostly veggies, fruits, beans, nuts and legumes. Winter is great for stews and soups so I'm hoping it's not too hard to get into better habits.

  41. Been vegan since 2005ish and I wouldn’t say there’s a big difference. There’s been some research on gluten free diets and endo but I haven’t tried GF myself.

  42. Hey friend. Vegan endo-sufferer here. I’ve been vegan for a long time but I’ve had endo since I was a teen. I’m vegan for the animals but the health effects cannot be denied. My obgyn has recommended a vegan diet, and does so for all his patients with endo. I have some more complications, so I gotta be a bit careful, but it seems like the less inflammation, the better!

  43. Ive been vegan for the past 6 years, vegetarian my whole life (I’m 33) but have recently went on an anti-inflammatory diet as I’ve been so ill with pain/boating etc - being vegan didn’t help reduce this. My bloating and pain has significantly reduced since I’ve started this diet- the main things to avoid are; wheat/gluten, nut and veggie oils, alcohol and dairy (but raw butter is ok). I’ve actually introduced eggs and fish back into my diet which I never thought I would but my health has become priority over anything else atm. I would say focus on reducing inflammation rather than a diet such as “vegan” as you can have a really inflammatory vegan diet eating the wrong things.

  44. I know soy is bad for endo so stay away from that. My naturalpath gave me an “endo diet” which is basically the anti inflammation diet but no soy.

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