1. Maternity maternity maternity! I love maternity jumpsuits especially, over-the-bump stuff is just so comfy.

  2. I second this! I adore my before and after maternity leggings have 3 pairs and live in them during my period and flares. I’m so sensitive to certain waistbands and elastics these days that maternity is my go to as well as dungarees!

  3. I am usually fine with leggings but sometimes I wanna wear jeans but can't cause of the endo belly. And yes, maternity pants are the best!!


  5. Does this exclude all leggings? I can't wear leggings with the weird tight little waist bands, but have a bunch of leggings with the less restrictive longer/wider bands. Five Below has some great options for "gentle" leggings and sometimes sizing up with a control top helps too.

  6. Good point, the only leggings I have currently are very restrictive. But I didn't even think about trying a different kind. I bet soft ones would work just fine. And a five below just opened up in my town so I will have to check there when it opens!

  7. I’ve had good results with buying high-waisted jeans (skinny jeans work best, because then they will still fit my butt/thighs lol) one size up and then using a belt as needed for when I am going out somewhere.

  8. Even my comfiest pajamas won't work for me anymore. It's like I need a completely new wardrobe lol. Good thinking on the high waisted jeans. And I guess it's time to check out joggers!!

  9. I personally wear old scrubs as pants on my days off. Stretchy, many of the modern brands are sweat-wicking, lots of pockets (most important). Plus after many many washes even if they’re not bleach stain free they’re usually quite soft.

  10. I’m 1 day post op on my lap and wearing my target maternity leggings because they don’t fall down but they also aren’t tight in the waist.

  11. Athleta has a great selection of stretch-waist pants that look various levels of casual and a wide range of sizes (often up to 3x/size 26). They’re pricey but you can check sales. I personally can’t wear sweats all the time because I live in a hot climate, but these are great:

  12. Lucy & Yak. Specifically their Alexa trousers. My stomach goes from a 16-20 on the bloating front and I’m a medium in these. They have a stretchy waist band which doesnt dig in. They are very colourful though!

  13. I’ve found leggings that I can wear! I’m in Canada and Warehouse One carries them. It gets cold here so I can’t wear dresses a lot longer, these leggings have been a game changer for me!

  14. There’s a brand of jeans called JAG. I cannot suggest them enough. They come in a ton of different washes and styles, and have a stretchy band like a maternity band, but they don’t look like it. You would have no idea that are so comfy and bloat friendly. Highly siggest

  15. Paper bag pants are my go to for job interviews or anywhere that I need to dress up for, otherwise it’s baggy sweatpants 24/7

  16. Jeans are tough, but I have found success wearing Levi's 311 shaping skinny... most of the fabric used is quite stretchy in the waist and legs - which is great if you get swollen legs like me.

  17. Old Navy has a lot of options for high waisted, wide waist band yoga pants, etc that sit above the waist. I find it I’m wearing it high up and it works to hug my tummy instead of cutting it off then it’s tolerable.

  18. Lucy & Yak Alexa pants are perfect or any other pants with a similar fit. I’ve bought a couple pairs second hand because they’re really expensive new and they’re definitely the best trousers I have for this.

  19. I found some nice but very expensive pants from Athleta after years of hunting for something. I want something with a wide, non restrictive waistband like yoga pants but a wide leg because I don’t like how restrictive leggings feel on my calves. I also needed them in a plus size. Not sure why these were so difficult to find!! I need more places to make them 😂

  20. I have gotten som me super comfy yoga pants at Walmart and Five Below. I can’t wear high waisted pants because it puts to much pressure on me and makes me hurt worse so these fold down perfectly.

  21. I normally often wear levi's 501. When I've massive endo belly, I wear the same style, but just 2 sizes bigger and that works great for me

  22. I like to wear trousers, leggings or anything pant related with a drawstring. I can tighten it or loosen it at my pleasure. My biggest issue is that sometimes I’ll have a flare up whilst outside and what I thought was comfortable, in fact isn’t. And I don’t want to travel like a two year old with a bag of spare clothes!!

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