I honestly love the scars from my laparoscopy

  1. Same here, I love that my scars validate everything I went through. I have two from my first lap and six from my hysterectomy. I had a male colleague once make a sarcastic remark in front of our boss about not being able to tell I have a chronic illness and I literally grabbed my shirt and said "Do I need to show you my scars so you have a visual reminder forever burned into your brain?". You should have seen the luck on those guys' faces. Lol.

  2. As a symbol? I love them. But my belly button one freaks me out a little and my non-belly button one is really sensitive. Like being pressed on hurts and when I touch it a lot it makes me feel weird. But I still resonate with this post a lot.

  3. My belly button looks like an upvote arrow now, so I got that going for me... Everything was sensible to touch the first year but it's all good now. Hope you recover well, too!

  4. Agreed, but mine are so tiny it’s hard for me to spot them! I was almost disappointed, which is such a silly thing to be disappointed about. I literally only find them because I know where they are. I doubt another person would ever notice.

  5. My wife was initially self conscious about her lap scars. Like you, I just see them as part of her journey and they’re nothing to be worried about.

  6. Me too. I feel like I earned every one of those fuckers, and they're evidence of an otherwise invisible disease. We aren't called "warriors" lightly, and these are my battle scars.

  7. Wow. You managed to capture all of the thoughts and feelings I’ve wrestled with for years and put them all into one succinct paragraph 🥲

  8. Omg same!!!! I'm a massage therapist and I know a massage I can do to get rid of them, but I don't want to! They're my battle scars! They remind me to advocate for myself and that if something else health wise comes up where doctors aren't listening to me, it's a reminder not to give up until I find someone who will listen (it took me 7 years to be taken serious).

  9. I like mine too. I got prescribed gel for the scars but honestly I don’t want to diminish them or hide them. They are evidence of my struggle to prove to the system that I know my body and how I struggled to prove it

  10. I am actually really scared of the scar I will get. I hate my double length c section scar enough. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of the scars I will get soon.

  11. I totally agree. I love my little cross-shaped scars. They're adorable and proof that no matter how many (male) drs dismissed me or misdiagnosed me, I had an actual health problem that had crippled me since my teens.

  12. Same. I've considered tattoing over them even so they can't totally disappear. I was so scared for surgery and it was the best thing I could have done.

  13. The showed the pictures to me. They made pictures of all the places they found endo or scar tissue before and after the removed it. I don't have the pictures, but I think you can ask a hospital to send them.

  14. I love mine too! One is like 2.5cm long and I can pull the "I was stabbed in a bar fight" tall tale 😂

  15. i had my lap a month ago now so my scars are still very noticeable and i love them so much. physical proof of what i’ve been silently struggling through

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