Envision Healthcare at high risk of bankruptcy, Moody's says

  1. Just reorganize as the same piece of shit under a different name. Healthcare is 20% of the economy, it's going to take more than a few billions in losses for private equity to give up on controlling all aspects of it.

  2. The funny thing is that going under or not, they probably achieved the goals of most of their investors, that is, extracting every drop of profit they possibly could out of their contracts. So now, like salmon, they will die after swimming upstream.

  3. The hospitals will either find another CMG or take them internally. Theoretically they could band together and start their own group but that’s nearly impossible in this current market.

  4. Good! This means when the contract for my ED’s provider group is ready to be renewed, there will be less competition. At one time our CEO was thinking about Envision to replace our state-based ED group and we (ED crew) were so upset, appalled, that eventually they came to an understanding. So many bad reviews for Envision in my state. I’m very glad we stuck with our group. They are worth it and our patients most certainly are worth it.

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