Advise for going to Night Shift

  1. Full time nocturnist for 6 years- sleep late day of first shift. Don’t do anything too strenuous that day- light workout or yard work, relax. Dinner before shift - eat light as heavy meal will make you sleepy. Sugar free monster or this stuff I got from GNC “Neuro Lean”. After shift, breakfast, melatonin, bed.

  2. Also a full time ED nocturnist and agree with the above. First night sucks, second is the worst. Smooth sailing after that. 100% agree about waking up early after the last night and forcing yourself to stay up until a normal bedtime.

  3. Agree with what everyone says. First night sucks, but if you can sleep well after the first night and successfully flip you’re in a good spot.

  4. I would recommend using stimulants as an absolute last resort and use them minimally. But on night 1, they do help a ton.

  5. I just wake up at whatever time, get in a good workout, try to exhaust myself so I can take a good afternoon nap. First night sucks. First sleep after Night Shift sucks, so then second night really sucks. Then after that it's smooth sailing and you sleep ok and are awake for shift, then you get the pleasure of switching back to day shift!!!

  6. Agree with what others have said, absolute must on the 2hr preshift nap. Only thing I have to add is I go for an evening run before my shift. Even just 20 mins. I find it wakes me up pretty well, along with the shower. I bolus 200mg caffeine on the way in, redose around 2-3AM.

  7. Our shifts are 9-8 but I did this when doing 7-5 also. Evening before, stay up late. Next morning I get up when I wake up by myself (usually around 9) but I don’t set an alarm in case I sleep more. That day I am really active, work out, clean, go shopping, everything that makes me tired in body and mind. Then I sleep 5-8, eat dinner at work right before starting my shift. I don’t drink any caffeine but I focus on drinking water.

  8. ed resident. personally i aggressively try to convert to nights before my first shift. i will caffeinate and try to do something to keep myself up very late (like 5-6am) and then crash. usually wide awake for first shift.

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