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  1. I don’t think most doctors are the reason for this, I’d like to think between HIPAA and the Hippocratic oath these women are safe, but if this happens I’ll just document the discussion, get a bHCG, and refer to my documentation in the event of malpractice issues.

  2. This was in one of the nursing subs recently. Someone pointed out that HIPAA has a carve out where police can acquire patient data without a warrant. I don’t have the link handy now, but I believe the source of that was from an ACLU website. Don’t really know what to make of all of this. It definitely looks like it’s causing women to get shittier care one way or the other.

  3. I think you’re right, but with all that’s happening right now I totally don’t blame women for mistrusting doctors with their reproductive information. Even though we are on their team.

  4. I don’t think enough people really understand what HIPAA is/ does. It does not protect your data as much as you think it does!!!

  5. Everyone saying this is fake is extremely disconnected from the social media that teen girls use lol. It may not have the effect they think it does, but it absolutely has been making the rounds as a suggestion to protect someone from being caught if they get an abortion

  6. For real, this thread is alarmingly disconnected from the kinds of fears teen girls have. Any social media aimed at teen girls was constant reminders on how to protect themselves with Hobbs for the entire month of July. And then during breaks post are talking about laws that will charge anyone involved with abortion with murder, laws targeting birth control, laws targeting hrt/puberty blockers. And we expect these kids to feel safe sharing information with someone when they don't know their political views? Half the comments here ooze privilege.

  7. Exactly. These aren’t boomers who only had access to the news their parents wanted them to see as young adults. Newer gena get exposed to right, left, middle, extremes daily so they form their opinions and have at least a basic understanding of National/global politics at an earlier age than older generations.

  8. As someone in a state with trigger laws, actually makes me wonder about ordering pregnancy test without discussion with patient.

  9. Right? As a woman who hasn’t been sexually active in a while, if I tell my LMP and it was normal and regular and I say I haven’t had sex, I am still going to be tested for pregnancy in almost every situation in my ED and I believe I’d have to sign a waiver for any imaging etc if I refuse. Even knowing how much everything costs in the ED, it’s just upsetting to be forced or tricked into a test that you’ve tried to say isn’t indicated.

  10. I’ll just move onto to next question. You could always just document their answer. I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of that nowadays, I don’t see the need to get hung up on it.

  11. Yeah unless it's something massively massively important or the patient doesn't have mental capacity, I'm never gonna pursue or chase a patient for an answer to a question. If they wanna give me nonsense or nothing answers to questions that's their choice, I'll just chart it and move on.

  12. I’m not sure why everyone is so skeptical of this. While this particular post is probably made up for clout, like, this is happening and I’m not sure why anyone’s surprised. Are y’all not aware of what’s happening in states that are criminalizing abortion? Have we not seen the women being arrested out of the damn hospital beds? Nurses calling the cops over suspected abortions?

  13. I don't think abortions are performed or not based on when a person states their LMP is....there's more to dating than believing somebody when they think they maybe could have possibly had their last period

  14. This sounds like one of those "My four year old just told me he thinks market forces are more responsible for the increase in the cost of milk than anything Putin did..." stories. Who knows?

  15. I have a 19 year old who would absolutely say this (and way more) on the subject. Don’t underestimate Gen Z. These kids know cultural issues inside and out, they grew up on social media. They can articulate their positions incredibly well.

  16. “ my 14 month old always cries when trump comes on TV( just like mommy 😂 jk) but today she said in baby talk that she was scared daddy would be taken away because he speaks Spanish 😢. This is why we have to vote y’all! “

  17. It's not zero empathy, it's patients coming in for their entirely free health care for which they pay nothing and get absolutely for free acting in an entitled manner. I may have a good reason to know the patients LMP. If she doesn't want to tell me I have bigger problems unrelated to the patient to worry about. Who cares? Move on. It's a valid question anyway in many presentations, like abdominal pain.

  18. I don’t think it’s zero empathy. I think it’s a reaction to prolonged abuse by pts who then expect stellar results. Sure I’d try to reason and explain. But…Why are you even seeing the doctor if you can’t participate and be honest with your own treatment?

  19. If I, as this girls ER nurse were to report to the State of Texas that she was pregnant, I could be financially rewarded if she attempts to exercise her right to bodily autonomy and seeks an abortion.

  20. You skip a lot of those steps if someone involved in the patient’s care is the one that reports her for an abortion- or miscarriage-related visit.

  21. Exactly. I mean, I peruse old notes on most patients because most of them have no clue about their medical history...bypass scar, dialysis fistula, below knee amputation reporting no significant medical problems...but who has time for that kind of thing in the ER? Nobody cares. I'm very pro-life but this sounds more like a futile, unproductive hobby.

  22. There's a lot of overlap on the Venn diagram of fascists, providers who aren't effected, so they just don't give a shit, and the willfully ignorant

  23. Just another stupid argument, likely leading to pointless blood work, to an outcome I don't really care about, and the patient hates me for it. Welcome to Emergency Medicine.

  24. Your level of exposure to this level of political discourse is really up to you. Go work where you want or need to, man.

  25. I hardly ever ask, just get an hcg if they're of childbearing age and still have all the active parts.

  26. My thoughts are that in recent years with continued growth of social media in our lives I have seen this behavior more frequently.

  27. This conversation never happened and is a self-absorbed fantasy. Like I care if you won't tell me the date of your last period. Note in the chart that you refused. Move on.

  28. I don't even understand the logic here. How can the date of a patient's last period be used against her by the doctor? Obviously, if she doesn't want anyone to know that's fine, it's her business but what's the reasoning here?

  29. Or they can refuse the HCG and sign a waiver. You’re going to refuse to scan someone for a potential life-threatening surgical issue because they won’t pee in a cup or get blood drawn?

  30. Wow that would be an immediate pregnancy test before anything else was done. Also I’m sorry I’m old— what the H is white ppl twitter

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