Residency programs that let you do shifts on the helicopters

  1. Please don’t rank a program based solely on this alone unless you’ll die without the chopper. Go somewhere you enjoy the people and the location.

  2. Stellar prehospital experiences at Pitt, including flight medicine. The Jeep is also awesome--basically you work as a prehospital physician in your own vehicle. Wonderful city and program.

  3. Hennepin has some flight time, but now that I'm thinking about it I'm not sure if it's the EM residency or the EMS fellowship.

  4. Pretty sure it's both if you choose to, was just talking to someone about this the other day and iirc they said they flew a fair bit in residency.

  5. I mean there are absolutely parts of this country that without HEMS patients would have next to no access to hospitals or wouldn’t arrive to the hospital alive. That said……helicopters are farrrrrr more dangerous than airplanes and the FAA doesn’t seem to be in any rush to actually fix this. There are far fewer regulations of helicopters than there are of airplanes, and no requirement for black boxes. Every airplane crash is studied and new regulations are made to prevent similar occupancies. This is not done with helicopters so they just fall out of the sky sometimes and the aviation world just keeps carrying on.

  6. Especially in the US. I went to a CCT conference and heard Dr Abernethy (the chief flight doc at UWisc) talk about the atrocious safety ratings in the US as a result of poor regulations.

  7. Just for discussion sake (not challenging you): Does that outweigh the benefit of having HEMS available for rural EMS operations? My county relies on HEMS response a lot due to our location.

  8. UC (Cincinnati) generally flies a resident and a paramedic. I feel like I’ve read that it’s usually a 2nd or 3rd year resident.

  9. Only helicopter I trust is University of Michigan Survival Flight. My family has lived in their flight path to Ann Arbor for 36 years, and my father takes care of their helicopters.

  10. University of Washington (state) does since it's catchment basin is huge considering the scarcity of hospitals between Seattle and Alaska

  11. One of my fellow doctors left for the Flying Doctor stint in Australia (I believe it is in their EM residency) - he made it sound like a sweet gig.

  12. Just a thought: I have spent many hours in a helicopter, and approx 10% of the helicopter pilots I have known over 15 years are dead. High risk environment.

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