In the bathroom of the company I just interviewed at

  1. Heh, this is why I left my last gig after only a few months. Plant was still getting set up while also running production. Updating prints, fixing mislabeled panels, getting proper PPE/test equipment, fixing numerous osha safety violations... all of that was "going to get done once the plant is fully operational."

  2. Been there. It's never fully operational and no matter how much you push production forward it won't be enough.

  3. Had a sparky out to my apartment complex’s main switch room and he saw our ancient switch gear and shithouse wiring: “you’ll want to get in here and update this with all new switchgear and compliant boards and wiring. But I’m not going to do it and you’re gonna struggle to find any decent sparky who will want to touch this mess”.

  4. Any chance you found it? I would like to buy a copy also. Looking on google I see it is peter prints, but can't find this exact one.

  5. I have a friend who watched an electrician come into his workplace as a contractor. He said he watched the guy set up a ladder, move some drop ceiling and poke his head up. The guy stood their in disbelief for about 10 minutes, and noped the fuck outta there. My friend isn't an electrician, so I am SOOO curious what the guy saw that left him so shell shocked.

  6. A tangled matting of low voltage bullshit draped over the grid without a care in the world, obscuring vision and ability to do a damn thing above the ceiling.

  7. Hah I toured a house that looked like this in the basement. Plus sketchy looking 50ft flex gas line running under the whole house to relocate the former gas WH line to where the kitchen was, that way you don't have to worry much about the house burning down, rather it spontaneously exploding and then whatever's left burning down.

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