1. Hey there! Before commenting, remember that this meme has been tagged with a transmasc flair. Please keep the conversation transmasc-first. If you are not part of that demographic, you are not forbidden to participate, but we do ask that you do not center yourself in the comments.

  2. You know, you can be a feminine boy if you like, or, if it turns out you want to be a more masculine girl, that's valid too, the important question isn't the specific labels, it's what makes you happy, so long as you're following that, I'd say you're doing alright. ♡

  3. Everyone experiences being trans differently, if you want to only get top surgery, and be referred to as a man. That’s your choice. And nobody can stop you/tell you otherwise.

  4. Plenty of trans people don't medically transition, don't let that stop you from calling yourself trans

  5. Femboy is the answer to everything. Might be trans but you're not sure? Try femboy. Might be gay but you're not sure? Try femboy. You wanna transition so you can wear thigh highs but the process to get started is really expensive? Try femboy. Want to dress more feminine but you haven't come out yet? Try femboy.

  6. Gender is different for everyone. You're the only one that gets to decide, so if you say you're a boy, then you're a boy. If you want to be a pretty boy, then you're a pretty boy. What matters here is what you're comfortable with! ❤️

  7. You are allowed to call yourself whatever you would like. The great thing about labels is you can decide to wear them or not.

  8. I mean, gender is a spectrum so you could still want to be a boy but just be really feminine, like my goal is my transition is a tomboy or a masculine girl I think.

  9. The only thing that makes someone trans is feeling like a different gender than the gender they were born as. It seems like you fill that. HOWEVER, if the label trans still makes you uncomfortable then there is 0 pressure to use it for yourself friend. You use the labels that make you feel comfy and nothing else.

  10. This is kinda where it's at. I see a lot of people across different subjects be like "but I am [label] so I can't/shouldn't/am not allowed to like/do [thing they like or want to do]!"

  11. I think you’re thinking about transness in a far too binary way. Ironic, I know. It’s not an all or nothing deal. We’re not trying to pull people out of a box only to force them into another box they don’t like any better. The whole point of our movement is to free people to express themselves however they damn well please.

  12. Y’know not all boys have to be masculine or wear masculine clothes, you could just be a feminine boy and that’s ok. It’s your body and your decision. Know matter what you choose, just know you’ll always have at least one supporter. (Me)

  13. If you were just trying to be special, wearing the clothes and being called a boy wouldn't fill you with absolute joy. If it was fake, you most likely wouldn't even feel anything. My oldest child is going through this exact same thing right now. I'll tell you what I told him "Dude, live your life the way that makes YOU happy, if you want to be a boy and have me call you son, I will. If you want to be a girl and I call you daughter, I will. You want to be something else, that's fine too. This is your life, just be happy."

  14. Transitioning is not a requirement to be trans. Hell, "transition" is so vague that telling people to call you a boy and getting the yeet teet definitely counts for many definitions of it. But that might make you a feminine boy? Boys can like looking like a girl and dressing in cute clothes without that stopping them from being boys.

  15. Transition doesn't have to be medical, Transition could be social, femboys and dragueens are still men even if they are feminine, presentation is a manmade construct and has no bearing on your psychological gender profile, you can look like anything and still be a man, the definition of trans is to just be any gender that isn't your assigned gender at birth, and to recognize your own manhood is q step in transition init of itself

  16. Labels are things put on us because it makes it easier for others to understand. This is partly why some people have such a hard time understanding things like being trans or queer in general. There is no binary with it and the labels we have act more as vague buckets than many are comfortable with. What is important though?

  17. idk. if you like it you like it. it’s not like you have to be trans, your choice. it’s not like it’s offensive to anyone here lol

  18. Oh hecc another me! I sorta just washed it up to me being androgynous but masculine presenting :> that way I can still obsess over my pretty skirts and chokers

  19. I actually feel like this (pre-t, pre-everything except comjng ou5( So im just comfy being a femboy with sometimes masc tendencies

  20. How you present doesn’t matter for your gender dude. You said you feel like a boy and like people calling you a boy. That’s the end of it. Transition to where you feel comfortable, which may not be far. That’s okay, and it doesn’t make you transn’t :)

  21. I mean, Femboys exist, And they can be trans just as they can be cis, So you could do that. Even if you just get everyone to refer to you as a boy that'd still count as transitioning, Other things, Such as getting surgery or changing your name, Among others, Can be part of transitioning, But they're not requirements.

  22. Sir, your lungs are filling with fluid. We tested it and have confirmed it's not cancer... it's worse... it's gender fluid

  23. There are lots of people who either can't afford bottom surgery or can't get to it easy who are exactly as trans as the people who can so I think you can just be a guy and not really have any concerns about validity or whatever

  24. it sounds to me like you have an idea of gender (masc) and an idea of presentation (femme). Even if you think it’s not deep, it’s worth engaging those ideas - I swore I was just enby because I wasn’t REALLY a trans girl for a long time, but that wasn’t right, and I didn’t really ‘get’ dysphoria until I tried to be femme. So explore!!!

  25. Hey!!! I feel very similarly! And there are lots of reasons I think I might feel one way or another abt this—I personally am happy with both the labels trans and nonbinary (and maybe genderfluid? cause some days it’s BoY Time and some days it’s Creature Time but usually it’s not girl time but sometimes it’s feminine time?) BUT this is all to say u don’t have to use labels that you’re not comfortable with! And if a term resonates with you, you have every right to use it (bc we define the labels, not the other way around!) anyway this is just to say I feel v much the same way about only wanting top surgery and u are so valid

  26. You’re not looking for attention. Only impostors don’t experience impostor syndrome. Since that’s what you’re feeling, you can’t be an impostor. Does that make sense?

  27. after all, you should just be yourself, whatever that is. do what makes you happy, you don't need to find a label

  28. I should really take my own advice but isn’t the whole point of this “do what makes you happy” rather than trying to fit in with any sorts of labels or groups? Do whatever you want

  29. You enjoy being called a boy, but not enby nor a girl ? Congrats, you're a boy, end of the debate, brother.

  30. You can be non binary in the sense of gender fluid, a masculine girl or a femenine boy. How you identify and how you express yourself don't have to be the same thing

  31. I never thought someone would perfectly describe what I want (except I do call myself nonbinary trans masc), you don't even have to find a label, you can say you're trans, you can find a new label! as others say, you could be a femboy as well!

  32. Remember being Trans ≠ taking hrt or bottom surgery That's Trans medicalist nonsense be yourself I know lots of Trans guys you like fem things there's no issue with it

  33. Boy 🧡❤️💜❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹🤍💛🤍💚💚🤎💞💕💕🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤🤍💛❤️🖤🤍🧡💜❤️‍🩹💛🧡❤️🤍💛❤️🧡💚🧡❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

  34. bro you put my exact feelings into words! i just call myself a feminine trans boy cuz you don’t have to transition to be trans 👍

  35. You can call yourself trans even if you don't want to transition. It's really not necessary. And I guess still dressing feminine just makes you a femboy :]

  36. im completely transgender. i dont plan to transition, i dont even know if i wanna start T. but im a boy. and i see myself as simply a feminine man. im completely valid, and so are you. <3

  37. You can be nb without transitioning, or a more feminine boy. Whatever works for you is great because it makes you happy

  38. That sounds similar to my situation but with genders reversed. I've recently concluded that bigender suits me best as a description.

  39. My guy if being a guy makes you happy then boom you're a guy, you don't need to get any surgeries you don't want or to take any hormones you don't want to be trans. The only "requirement" is that you're not cisgender. Just do what makes you happy, be what makes you happy. Being a transmasc femboy is totally a thing, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either caught up in some gatekeep-y nonsense or cares way to much what cis folk and society at large think

  40. I’m surprised to see Flandre here. (I say that as if I know anything about the series other than extremely minor knowledge through memes because idk how or when to start.) Back on topic, being a transmasc who dresses feminine is just as valid as anyone else! Be who you want, we support you 100%!

  41. Am on the same wavelength here, just the opposite gender. I've went ahead and decided that I don't want to transition, and would rather stay a male, but being called a girl feels nice, dressing up like a girl feels nice, wearing glitter pink nailpaint feels nice. Right now, I just feel like I'm making 'girl' a stereotype, and cosplaying as that stereotype. And that does not feel good. It feels like I'm insulting the female population. I don't like behaving like my female friends, I like behaving like myself.

  42. There’s much easier ways to be special that aren’t nearly as difficult and if you were just doing it to be special you would have went another direction.

  43. I'm genderfluid and amab so my stories a little different but I love being aggressively fem as a man. And that's fine. Don't worry about labels. Just do what feels right and you'll eventually settle on how you feel.

  44. this is so comforting to hear someone else say. i don’t think i want to take T (maybe get top surgery someday tho?) but i like being perceived as a man.

  45. You could just be like gender fluid maybe? You might just have masc moments and fem moments. That or you can be a femboy. Or just straight up enby. In the end it really doesn't matter what you decide on, as long as you feel comfortable, that's all that matters!

  46. Feminine trans men are the best! And just for thought - generally most cis people don't feel joy from being called the opposite gender or think about top surgery. You could be a feminine trans man or you could be something entirely different! If you want to be, you are. Whatever it is it will be beautiful and it will be you. You are valid ❤️❤️

  47. You could be a femboy, a demi boy, or a number of other things. I'd recommend just searching up random labels, (assuming you want to find a specific label for yourself) that is a great way to eventually find something that fits for you.

  48. Sounds like you are trans but more an ambiguous trans person. Still can be trans but look up stuff like gender fluid,enby or other things because there are a lot of different ways to be trans. You might even flip flop around different ways of being on the lgbtq community and that’s ok. Just go with what feels natural once you do more research and try out new things. I was a Demi-girl,gender fluid,NB and then trans feminine over 6 years without transferring physically so don’t let the idea of I have to transition be the be all end all. Be yourself first and learn exactly who you are so you can feel comfortable in yourself and your body. You got this.

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