1. I got nicknamed Lucy for my feminine acting and because of how closely related it is to my name. But now I'm happily Elouise ( but no one knows that I have name changed) (⁠✿⁠⁠‿⁠⁠)

  2. Omg Lucy is the name I've been using as a nickname to my transphobe family cause I hate my deadname so much and they won't let me use a masculine name

  3. Personally, I just went through a bunch of different names and used them in games, Amy, Zoey, Ashley, hermaeus mora, Susie, eventually I used Abigail and it kinda just stuck

  4. Most of my game characters where either named Amy, Ashley or Alice yet I ended up choosing the female version of my given name, granted I'm not out yet nor have I started transitioning so I could always change my mind

  5. I also had a girl name before I was born. I was assigned female before birth😅.. but I chose not to use it since it wasn't my decision. But I name myself after my bff😌

  6. i was thinking about doing that but turns out my parents would’ve named me kyle and i cant say im on board with that one

  7. Hi Lily please don’t mention your deadname if that’s yours… Some morons are so desperate at hurting trans people they find and dead name people

  8. Cassandra was a Trojan princess blessed with the gift of prophecy, but she was also cursed so that nobody would believe her prophecies. She prophecised the destruction of Troy way in advance, but nobody listened to her until it was too late. Just like a girl named Cassandra has been telling me she's me since 2006, but I didn't listen until recently.

  9. ..I just switched it up role-playing online and landed on Kass.. I really like yours though. I've been considering using Arya from my favorite book series but I didn't wanna be acting too cool and now there's a tv series coming out and if everyone sees it my name won't seem original anymore D:

  10. Well at one point I kind of went through a league phase, changed my username on social media to make fun of the champs I would play,

  11. My (AMAB enby) given name is fully masculine; I shortened it to a common unisex name. This was when I was a VERY young child, before really knowing or understanding anything about gender beyond "thou art boy", and in the "before times" (early-to-mid 80s) when gender wasn't really talked about in a context that wasn't directly tied to genital presentation or used as slurs.

  12. I have an amab enby friend who has a similar experience, and I remember not liking my deadname as a kid too and I had no idea why but I couldn’t exactly shorten it because it was already only one syllable.

  13. I got the courage to tell my friend I was trans, they asked what my new name was but I hadn't thought about it so I panicked and said Lynn. I do really like the name now , it's grown on me

  14. Hello fellow Lynn! I don’t see too many people with the same chosen name (although that could just be me not looking really hard)

  15. My mother always told me "You know, when i was pregnant at first we thought you were a girl, your name would be Sophia!" so when i realized i could change my name i thought.. my name was always Sophia =>

  16. Oh cool! My experience is very similar to that except my mom would’ve named me Alyssa but o have a trans friend who has almost that same name and I didn’t wanna copy her lmao. I also don’t like Alyssa as much

  17. Mine's just the female version of my given name. The cool thing about my name is that the shorter/nickname versions, steph and stefi are either gender neutral or feminine and a lot of my family and friends use those(stefi can be used for either little kids or women and a lot of people who know me since I was a kid still call me stefi which is great for me). I guess the nickname thing is why I don't hate my given name and so I don't feel a need to separate from it entirely so I just chose the female version. Once I go on hrt and come out to everyone they can just keep calling me stef or stefi so it will also make the transition easier in some respects.

  18. I wish I called myself Stephanie, it's such a cool name. It's also the name of one of my favourite book characters as well

  19. I played a game, OneShot (play it if you haven't; This is in no way an official advert), used the character Rue as my profile picture and then I just thought the name fit.

  20. Well I had 4 choices. Allison from the Sunstone comics, Abigail from Stardew Valley, Chloe from Life is Strange, and Cadence who was a D&D character played to explore my gender. I went with Chloe cause it felt the best.

  21. When Paragon was still a game, Aurora came out and the name really stuck out. Then when I was trying to figure what name I wanted I just kept sort of feeling Aurora among the other options which I also thought were nice.

  22. Watching harely Quinn show with the bestie wanting ivy and Quinn relationship started crying cause not a girl friend asks what's wrong found out I AM GIRL my name is now ivy

  23. Ash main in apex legends. The whole android body what retains the female features with a womans mind inhabiting felt suitable.

  24. Paladins 💓🖤🧡💚💚💙🤍❤️‍🔥🤍❤️‍🩹🤎💞💘💘🤎🖤🖤💜🤍💗💖💕💛🖤💕💞❣️💞🤍💙💙💖🧡💜 (+Irish heritage)

  25. At first I went with Mason since it was kinda a masculine version of my deadname but ditching the M made me feel less dysphoric about it so Jason it was lol

  26. When I was in 5th grade another girl in my class had the same name (but spelled differently) and I thought it was really pretty

  27. I made a gender bent OC of myself over a year ago, and named her Kloe, which is just "Chloe" but using the "K" from my birth name instead. When I told my friend I was having these strange thoughts about myself, she asked what would be a good girl name, and since I already had my gender bent, I thought that was a good pick. So yeah... Call me Kloe. 😅

  28. So I'm a fan of mlp and had ocs for the show. One was a Pegasus mare named Madelyn who kinda floated in one day on a cloud and kinda just lives there now.

  29. I watched High School Musical and got complete gender envy from Vanessa Hudgens's character of Gabriella Montez. So, I decided to steal the name Gabriella.

  30. It was gonna be my name if I was born a girl. My mom chose it then, and I liked it, even if I don't like ny last name going with it

  31. I went through a list with my friend and sat on "Jodie" for a couple months, before realizing that that was because I had been so emotionally detached that I wanted something more "hard sounding". after figuring out emotions and stuff I landed on "Sophie" because it was similar but softer. (also totally stole the name from my crush)

  32. I've been naming my video game characters Luna for over a decade, before I knew I was trans. I guess it just resonated with me 🤷‍♀️

  33. I used the name of my favorite anime character at the time for a character in an MMO I played for years. It got to the point that people would call me a modified version of her name in chats and even in public sometimes. So I've just kinda kept it.

  34. I disliked me deadname and for a while was going by just the first letter M. That turned into Emily. a decade later when I realized I am trans I was like damn, already picked out a name and everything.

  35. I just went on searched for some masc names, put them in a list, narrowed the list down a bit aand asked my cousin which do they think would suit me. Turns out it's Daniel :D I probably would have chosen it anyway lmao

  36. I'm not really good with names, I'm not very creative, but my ex boyfriend who couldn't love me because I was trans and not a guy gave me a name "Alexi" cuz I was always very interested in femininity

  37. I was playing a VN and got confronted with the "what's your name" question. I panicked and picked Nautilus, because the game had some roman themes and I really like

  38. Honestly I don't really have an elaborate story for how I came to picking Thaila it's just the name of a girl in my class from year 3 that stuck with me

  39. I was considering a few and realized that if I didn’t settle on one I’d be indecisive forever so I just went with this. Sometimes you might not like your given name as much as another even if you’re cis, it didn’t have to be perfect.

  40. went by an alias online for the longest time, had my friends call me by it during streams or public vc. eventually realized I liked it better than my birth name. like, a LOT better. started going by my alias. turned it into my name!

  41. Morgan, cos of the name of main character of Prey. I thought I was genderfluid at the time (I’m Enby now), and I saw the name was used for both the male and female versions of the Main character and thought “why not”

  42. I chose Artemis because for me my depression kinda brings me to the edge a lot so I’m using the name Artemis as a reminder to keep going forward. Long story short is my particular hunt is the hunt for happiness. Lame I know but I love Greek mythology and I’ve always loved the name artemis

  43. Nerdy story. I was picking a female name in Fallout 4 but I wanted one that they call you verbally. I looked at a list and saw “Autumn” and thought it was a pretty name. When I played it, it didn’t hit me until the game actually said the name out loud to me. “Oh wow I really….like being called that name.” And it’s the one I’ve liked the most.

  44. I'm transmasc and was fine with something unisex, but I'm also hispanic and didn't want to stray away from that part of my identity. I chose "Angel" since it's a popular hispanic boy name, but I've had non hispanic people react to it as a girl name (still seen as a male though). Works for me 👍

  45. mine's probably a bit sillier than most peoples' lol. originally it came from a roleplay forum I was on a long time ago, specifically a warrior cats roleplay. I joined very young, so made a username based off one of the characters (specifically, it included Bluestar in the username). other people on the site started shortening it, and when we moved to a different hosting site I shortened it as well. eventually started using it all over the internet, and now (for those I'm out to) I go by Blue. :3

  46. Violana used to be the name I used for a bunch of crags when I made female characters, and while I have no issue with my deadbame, it just felt better to make my dead name my middle name and adopt it almost aspirationally, to be the sort of person I played in those games, confident in who I was.

  47. So basically my second and last names are Rodriguez, so some of my friends started calling me Rero. "Re" meaning two or again and "ro" because of the start of my surname :D

  48. I wanted a name close to my moms name that wasn't her name. Originally I thought about taking her name which was Samantha, but I didn't want to add to is since my sister in law is also Samantha. I also needed a name that fit well with my last name since I'm Hispanic

  49. I am so bad at naming things that my friends named my OC, and when my egg cracked, I spent several nights in deliberation before deciding that my best course of action was to just yank the name my GM was already calling me in-campaign. Just so happened to line up with the fact that May is a family name, so I traded one family name for another.

  50. I came out to my friends earlier this year but at the time I didn't have a name so my friends suggested a bunch of different names until one of them suggested Jasmine which is what I decided to go with

  51. Probably a character from league of legends I like (haven't decided). Maybe alune, Kali (kalista), riven

  52. when my perents made the family nintendo account taht me my brother and my sister use they called it kel witch is the first letter from each of our names and cuz i was called kieron i chose kelly as well as both of them being the irish spelling like my brother and sister cuz my mum was born on st pactricks day

  53. I was standing on a bridge at dawn, waiting to see the sunrise for the first time, I was chatting with a friend who then suggested the name Dawn, they said it was fitting for the occasion as that day was the first one for me to really reconsider my life up until that point

  54. I couldn't decide for a while but I wanted something fairly unique and had the right feel for my soul. I landed on Delilah because it reminded of old vine and thorn covered tombs deep in an overgrown forest.

  55. I spent ages trying to find one (as in for 2 years maybe more) that I liked, because I never found one I told myself I wasn't transfem. I was on

  56. I just went to fantasy name generators and grabbed a few names. I let my friends take a vote but i ended up choosing the name Claude because it vaguely sounds like cloud and i remember a close friend said i reminded them of fog

  57. For most RPGs and a lot of other games, I just pick something randomly that I like, similar to my D&D characters. As for my current username, that's based on one of the very first TRPG games I was in, where I explicitly was playing a female version of myself. Do you see why I'm still using this as one of my primary account names nearly a decade later?

  58. Asteria is the coolest Greek titan goddess. I liked the name for a long time but wanted a less feminine version of it so I went with Aster

  59. So, I was a moderately edgy teen, not too badly off My initials are JABS and my brain kinda just put it together as jabsterclaw

  60. oh i just stole my transmasc boyfriend's deadname. i have been considering a handful of other names though i just have yet to try them out cause ive been using my bfs deadname for years at this point.

  61. jar jar binks, or to be more specific, i say "misa dum dum" a lot, so i am Misa now (btw how to change your username on reddit?)

  62. My deadname doesn't really have the capability of being made into a nickname, so when I was thinking of a new name Olivia kinda popped into my head. It was probably because I was watching IZombie where the main character is called Liv, which you can derive from Olivia. Also it's just a really cute name

  63. In 2020, while in quarantine, i was obsessed with the idea of doing drag, so i started practicing my makeup, my lipsync skills and eventually started thinking about a name. I wanted my drag persona to be genderless but also a little masculine, so i wanted a cool name that would fit the criteria and came up with my first name being Axel 'cause idk, sounded cool asf lmao.

  64. For me, I wanted something close to my original name, but not just a female version. I ended up just taking the location of "Gibraltar" and taking off the last letter, giving me Gibralta.

  65. I was in a discord chat, and a friend of mine was talking about how they're waiting for their friend Emma, so I changed my discord username to Emma 2; banter. But then I didn't change it back. I liked when people called me that, it felt right. Half a year later I figure out I'm trans and, well, I kept it :3

  66. I was at a restaurant with my family members and they had us write our name down and then they took the piece of paper that we wrote it on and then they put it with our food well apparently my handwriting was so bad that They thought my name was Erik and that’s how I came to be

  67. Lucie, I just felt like the name suits me tbh. I opened a list with bunch of girl names and Lucie was the only one which was the most foreign and native name for my country and it also felt right for me. Like, something about the name feels really good, can't explain it, I just know I really like it and first time I used it online I was like a little girl before Christmas day.

  68. At first, it started as just a fem version of my given name. Turns out it was a major coincidence. When I played Persona 5, the phantom thief I related to most was Makoto, and as luck would have it, my chosen name happened to be the same as her persona’s (pronounced differently, but spelled the same). At that point, I decided to stick with my choice.

  69. Robin is what my swim coach used to call me. Not sure why. Also they’ve been my favourite bird my whole life, I’ve got loads of little robin LEDs and ornaments around my room 🥰 yeehaw 💕

  70. I would cover my friends minecraft bases with roses and leave a sign that said "get rose'd on" and it just kinda went from there

  71. ryn is just the last 3 letters of my birthname uzuri is beauty in swahili and an homage to my grandmom wanting to name me Beau Ty sitka is a species of deer

  72. Just a lot of daydreams of myself as a fantasy hero and constantly wondering what to call myself. Then, one day it hit me, Caliburn, taken from the sacred sword of Arthurian legend. A few days later, I realized that shortening it to Cal would make a pretty good androgynous name

  73. Luke had always been my favourite name, so when I realised I was trans, it just kinda... clicked. It was def confirmed when a streamer adreased a Luke in chat, and for a split second I thought he was adressing me and the euphoria was amazing.

  74. both of my chosen names (Moth and Lucy) are short for something else. "Moth" is a nickname that comes from my given name, but I like it more than that name's normal nicknames because people won't associate "Moth" with my given name and also because "moth" is an English word that means something. And moths are pretty cool.

  75. well, i´m latina, and to be honest spanish names are kinda boring (most people here are named facundo, julieta, paola, carla, karen, maria, i know atleast 3 brisas at my school), so i wanted to pick something more exotic, at first i went with Maxea (greek word for battle), i didn´t like it long term, so i stole my first name from Hunter schafer, who´s someone i´m a fan of, then i realized i actually wanted a middle name, so i first tried with Faye, then with Laithe, then with Cloe, and now it´s Bridget. and i pretty much like both of my names, i use Bridget when i try to look more cis, and Hunter when i´m with other queer people or people who know i´m trans.

  76. Camila, cause well idk just stuck while other names around didn't feel right (just using name gens and trying to think of names). Plus wanted a Latina name (yes i know the Spanish version is Camilla but i like how Camila looks) and so it just be my name now

  77. Okay so when I first started questioning my gender, I was basically like "I need a new name ASAP" and went on those baby name websites and settled on "Beatrice" or "Tris" for short (I've always liked the idea of having a nickname as my deadname was too short for one" but then I was like "Hey wait, Beatrice is literally more fem then my deadname, but people are already calling me Tris, so I guess I'll build on that and upgrade to Tristen (and I couldn't pick a spelling so I posted poll on my snapstory and let my friends pick for me" so in the process of naming myself Tristen, I kind of gave myself a 2nd deadname

  78. I made it such that my initials would sorta form my nickname (not this reddit username, though all 3 begin with a K) :)

  79. I had a character named Lirie so when i was first in my confused phase that name just kind of popped up in my mind and it sticked.

  80. I just let my brain do it's strange thing where it goes from thought A to thought Z and back in random orders until at one point my brain was stuck. I couldn't move away from "Maeve" anymore

  81. Thanks to u/Jade___ , I am trying Mariah as my Name. It was the first one that came to my mind and it is stuck there ever since.

  82. all i thought when i read this post was how weird my mind is... this is what i immediately started to think of as my answer:

  83. I picked the name Jack because it’s the only male name I’ve ever been called by my family. As in “you’re all right Jack,” “hit the road Jack,” and “Jack of all trades.” They’ll likely never use my name for me, so at least this way I have memories of them calling me Jack lol. Checkmate silly transphobes, lol you can’t keep a good man down 😘

  84. I know my comment is likely to get burried, but mine is a rather simple one. Back in January when Pokemon Legends Arceus came out, I bought it and played it. This was shortly after I came out as Non-Binary, and so I decided at the last minute to play as the girl character. When given the prompt to name her, I gave her a feminine version of my name, which was Tess.

  85. Well I have the nickname Säbi I didn't want to lose that I then searched for a few names with Sa or Se at the beginning and after asking my boyfriend to pick for me from a list I made they said Sabine and that's what stuck. Still get deadnamed by my parents because "It iSn'T OfFiciAl"

  86. My name is sequoia. I chose it because I really like pine trees so I thought it fit, and its been sticking for around half a year now so i think I got it down

  87. Ash came from my middle name, then I extended it to Asher because people kept assuming it was short for Ashley instead of a stand alone name

  88. i had a list of like 20 girl names I kinda liked, and when I went to pride and met a group of trans people and they asked my name I didn't want to deadname myself and chose a random one. I've been going by beatrice for 3 months now and idek if I like the name but I think it's gonna be pretty hard to change it now

  89. I first heard my name while watching Negima back in 2006 and just fell in love with it. At first, I wanted to use it for my daughter, if I were to ever have one. Then, some time later, I suggested it to a friend for her daughter. About a year or so later, I realized that it was the right name for me.

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