1. Red. As it is my body’s androgynous enough that having female genitalia producing endogenous estrogen would be enough for me to work with.

  2. since you keep the same genitalia with blue, would you still be able to have children in the way your original sex is ‘supposed to’? like would an afab who chose blue still be able to get pregnant, and would an amab still be able to get someone else pregnant?

  3. I*ll take blue, because surgeries help. But red is also good because e is getting produced naturally. Tough one, but I tend to pick blue.

  4. I'd honestly go for the red one lol I'm short but in my country a lot of ppl are kind of short, I think genitalia with free hormones would help more

  5. I don’t think I can choose, but if it produces hormones I’d choose red- well a good question is if I can see the results of each in advance, it’d be way easier to choose that way

  6. Blue because I don’t want children anyway so as far as I understand it, the results of surgery are fully sufficient for me, but as a relatively tall person with wide shoulders blue would settle a lot of issues for me.

  7. Blue 💚💓💚💘🧡💕💜❤️‍🩹💓🤍💓💚💗💛❣️💕💜🤎💔💜💞❤️💕🧡❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥💚❤️‍🩹💚❤️‍🔥💚❣️💕💞❤️‍🔥💞💜❤️💞

  8. So, free HRT, or a full body transformation, including certain body parts that cannot be altered through surgery today… I’ll pick the first one, I can always get a SRS later

  9. Well since I'm a sex repulsed asexual the thing has no use for me so I'll take red and just surgically remove it in the future

  10. My dysphoria comes from appearance and public perception, not genitalia, I'm actually fine with them, so I'd go blue, even more certain if it also changes my voice

  11. Oh my gosh the thought of being able to have kids without being pregnant just DID things to me. But then I remembered my spouse doesn't have a uterus so it's not much use to me. 😂

  12. Just get the reproductive organs. With ovaries I will just turn more and more into a woman with time anyway. Also natural taco, ability to have my own kids, yes please.

  13. This is tough, but I'd do blue. I think that it would help me feel a lot more comfortable and pass as a girl. Red would be nice, but I'd still look like I do now and I don't like that. Plus if I suddenly look like a girl maybe my parents would have to let me wear fem clothes.

  14. Red, i managed to be born with a fairly feminine body and i would get natural E with red which includes boobs, literally only my face would be something i might not be 100% happy with and that could be changed with surgery if i was desperate enough.

  15. Blue. I only recently developed bottom dysohria but to look like the women I want to be, I'll get blockers e and at bottom surgery and feel complete (already have kids)

  16. Blue, and then have a surgeon do the rest. I don’t ever want to be pregnant, EVER, even if it was possible. I also have a lot of voice dysphoria

  17. Blue, Defo blue. I mean I presume I'd be able to have children either way, Just only give birth to them if I pick red, So it's not like I'm losing much (Imo), And what I'm gaining is tits, Worth it.

  18. Blue, while I’d love to get rid of this thing, hormones can’t really fix the rest of me the way I want it to.

  19. I'd go red any day. The ability to produce testosterone naturally (male levels) is what I want. And idk have BDE? or small idc, anything is cute and gay :D

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