1. But is it that bad? I remember my ex girlfriend, who’s trans and on all sorts of HRTs, smoking, tobacco and weed, and she, as far as I know, didn’t have a problem.

  2. Yep. I’m high risk for blood clots (for multiple reasons) so they started me on patches to minimize the risk and so far the only issues I’ve had was nausea but I think that was just the spiro

  3. There is an exception tho. If you are doing HRT with pills, it taxes your liver. And blood clots and other issues are increased because of it. Transdermic and injections also sublingual (thx to androgynerdy for reminding me) don't go through the liver and present a closer risk as to cis women, meaning only the estrogen is taking part on the increased risk.

  4. Not only with blood clots I've heard, but nicotine is bad for estrogen. Not entirely sure, but it blocks the E from doing it's thing. Weed I've heard is okay tho, besides the additional blood clots

  5. Cis women have estrogen and less likely to experience problems than trans women because they were born with it as well as gone through puberty with it. If you start replacing testosterone with estrogen after physically becoming an adult, then it will put a lot of pressure on your organism in general. Physical transformation is a relatively new thing, we don’t know how much longer or less people live with it, we hardly have any studies or even examples of people who started using estrogen after puberty and reached elderly age. It’s an unknown area and it’s okay to be scared for your future as a healthy organism. Everyone decides for themselves. Some people may have such a bad case of dysphoria that would prefer not to live at all if they can’t feel themselves physically like cis women do.

  6. correct me if im wrong, but arent all of the potentially negative side-effects just what come with being female? well, breast cancer certainly is. but hey i'd rather be alive with a chance at cancer than mentally dead.

  7. I'd imagine that's exactly what it is. As a afab id strongly recomend trans women taking hormones get used to doing a routine breast check up at home about once a month. I normally do mine before getting in the shower. There are tutorials online.

  8. Yeah. If they're worried about the risk of breast cancer and blod clots only, then that's most likely not a good reason to not take HRT. If they feel concerned that they aren't ready to transition due to social reasons or that they don't want to because they are worried about what may happen to their genitals(or they are worried about the semi-permanent breast growth). Then those imo are better reasons to not take it.

  9. The increase in risk for the blood clots and such only brings it up to normal female levels. You wouldn't be any more likely to get them than a cis girl.

  10. As long as you keep an eye on things you should be fine, and remember a side effect is NOT a gaurentee, odds are in your favor to have nothing happen at all.

  11. Thank you, I really do just have a chronic overthinking problem and constantly worry about the worst case scenario happening 😅 sometimes I need a reminder and someone to ground me so thanks ❤️

  12. HRT does technically raise your risk of blood clots, but what actually is happening is that women have a higher rate of blood clots, and when you take HRT you trade out a lot of male health risks for female health risks. HRT raises your risk of breast cancer, but it also lowers your risk of prostate cancer, and so on.

  13. It's very important to check your breasts often after starting estrogen, infact more cis women should aswell. Other than that; be gentle with them (bruising on the boobs poses a higher risk for breast cancer. As long as you keep those in mind you should be alright. I don't really have any pointers for blood clots though

  14. I mean, as long as you consult a doctor and make sure you check in at appropriate intervals, you should be totally fine. In the unlikely event anything goes wrong, they'll catch it and fix it right away.

  15. Consider that the risk really isn't much worse than things you're already at risk for with testosterone. You're just trading possible hormone related diseases tho colon cancer will still be a risk

  16. ❤️not sure if this helps, but the issue of breast cancer is just a bit of a trade off. To my knowledge, trans women have an increased chance of breast cancer, but not as high a chance as cis women, but trans women also have a heavily reduced chance of prostate cancer. So it’s just a bit of a trade off based off of which parts of your body are getting affected by hormones!❤️

  17. From what I have read, blood clots from E are only a risk factor if you are taking oral E. And there are multiple ways to administer it, so you can request that.

  18. This isn't true, the risk levels (with a bunch of things) are more exaggerated/prevalent on oral E, but there's no way to remove such a risk. Cis women have elevated levels of risk towards these types of things as well, you would end up with very similar risk levels.

  19. The whole “risk of breast cancer thing” is literally just because you have breasts. Idk if its actually a huge increase, and the blood clots are only a real concern if, as another commenter said, you have other complicating factors. They can also be avoided entirely by simply doing estrogen patches instead of pills. Zero risk of blood clots patches that just go on the skin.

  20. Okay so you do NOT have to worry about HRT causing blood clots if you use any method other then pills. This is because the only real method that has ever been looked into has been pills and not even in a way that you might think. Researchers took a pool of 10,000 cis women 50% taking HRT and 50% not taking HRT and looked at how many of whom ended up with blood clots. The women not taking HRT only had 16 cases and the women taking HRT had 25. This is what the entire "blood clot theory" is based off of and there hasn't been a study about the effect of HRT on transgender people. So yes out of every 5000 CIS women 0.005% of them had a blood clot but the study has not been conducted on AMAB folks and even if it were, if the study showed the same results, that would mean that out of every 26 people only 1 would have some sort of minor/major blood clotting issue.

  21. And that's not accounting for health/fitness/diet or prior conditions. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle I'm sure this number drops significantly.

  22. You are at no higher risk to blood clots or breast cancer than the average woman. That's just a thing they warn you about because they have to.

  23. Remember that the increase in risk for breast cancer also comes with a decreased risk of testicular cancer. Also know that the risk of blood clots is no higher than an average cis woman so it's not a massive risk compared to the incredible benefits

  24. Its not like it gives you cancer. Every cell can become cancerous, so more breast tissue cells gives you a higher chance of breast cancer. If you grew 2 new legs you'd have a higher chance of leg cancer too.

  25. From what I understand the health dangers are far overstated. The risks and chances of blood clots, breast cancer, osteoporosis, aren't going into unnatural human levels, it's just that you're going from male average to female average. Cis gendered females are just naturally at a higher risk of all those things compared cis gendered males.

  26. don’t smoke. that’s the biggest thing. my endo was explaining all of this to me during our first appointment and she was telling me that yes the risk is increasing, but it’s no more than cis women (for breast cancer). as long as you get mammograms and follow your docs orders you’ll be fine

  27. In my humbly and incredibly inept opinion, this is the difference between looking feminine and being feminine. Each have their merits and apply to people in various ways.

  28. There's a lot you can do with nutrition, workouts, clothes, etc. Depending on "how feminine" you want to look, those things might be enough to get you there.

  29. If it helps, I was on estrogen/progesterone birth control for a decade and didn’t really have many negative side effects. I gained a little weight, I stopped getting pimples, my tiddies got a bit bigger… but otherwise it was chill. That birth control basically had the same risks of any estrogen HRT, most hormonal birth control does and many folks are on those. If you get regular check ups, you should be fine :)

  30. For me personally, it was a case of if it kills me in 10 years, that's 10 more years than I would've lived otherwise, plus I'd rather treat those problems and be checked regularly for them than not get any benefits just to avoid the potential risks

  31. Iirc, it’s a rather balanced thing? HRT gives you female hormones, and while the meds themselves can carry minor risks (not estrogen, but spiro carries a minor heart health risk, for instance), the spooky stuff tends to just be increased risks women have, and it does make it less likely to get other conditions that people with male hormones are at higher risk for.

  32. Often times we see side effects like 500% increased chance of breast cancer (I'm making up numbers) and think to ourselves "wow so anyone who takes HRT is gonna get breast cancer?" It's a natural response, 500% is a big number. However, in AMAB people breast cancer is VERY rare. Around 1% of all breast cancer cases occur in AMAB people.

  33. For me i take those into account look healthy people get cancer cancer can pop up anywhere if you wanna transition cancer should not be a factor. I ask myself if i was to die what would i prefer to die as a male or female?

  34. To be fair everyone, unless they have had ALL of their breast tissue removed via surgery, are technically at risk for breast cancer. It doesn’t only affect women. Biggest thing there is if you have family who have had breast cancer then you will be at higher risk technically because of genetics. Elsewise it’ll be the same as any other woman. There’s only a “higher risk” because you’ll have more breast tissue

  35. blood clots and breast cancer? tha'ts like not going outside becuse you're afriad of being hit by lightning. I assumed you'd be more afraid of losing genital function or somethig, which is a lot more likely.

  36. The whole "hrt causes breast cancer" myth comes from the fact that it gives you breasts, and breasts can get breast cancer

  37. so your chance of breast cancer is only as high as cis women you just trading testicular cancer for breast cancer. not sure about the blood clots first time i’m hearing about that’s one

  38. The side effects of HRT are 90% of the time just side effects of "being a woman" because women have higher chances of certain illnesses. These are pushed as these big scary and unavoidable consequences of being trans because the media doesnt want people to be trans.

  39. Yea I have horribly low blood pressure n im afraid if my doctor prescribes spiro ill start fainting whenever i stand up

  40. Wanting my own kids is what holds me back, although maybe I should take the chance and hope surgical answers arise later, or maybe everything down there is broken already and I have nothing to lose if I go ahead

  41. Ofc you need to have your health monitored (ANYBODY should really), but remember that alot of those side effects are like one in a million, they have to write them however because in the astronomically low chance somethin happens and they never had that risk informed to you then they could be destroyed in a lawsuit. I'd say if you really do want HRT the reward completely outweighs the risk, keep in mind your health will be monitored so it'll be ok!! I promise :>

  42. I was a bit worried about those risks too, but when I talked with my doctor about it, she told me that the risk of blood clots is not all that much higher, but it IS higher so they wanted me to know.

  43. All those are from dated studies about medications we don’t really use in cis women who were typically older. From what we know, none of them are nearly as prominent in transgender women on HRT, but we don’t have enough research to have that be the “informed consent.”

  44. You'll have a cis woman's risk of breast cancer... And blood clots are usually with other complications. For me only thing I am not happy over is that my nails and hair will get weaker

  45. Both risks will elevate to normal female levels. It tends to get blown out of proportion. On the other hand there's a lot of health risks like Prostata cancer n stuff that decrease.

  46. blood clot rate increase is frankly negligible unless you are at risk already, breast cancer rates go up because you chest actually like grows and divides and stuff, not all afab people get breast cancer, you probably wont, even then its not that dangerous if you get scanned regularly

  47. the breast cancer is only the same chance as cis women the only reason they say a side effect is increased risk of breast cancer is cause now you have breasts when u didn't before

  48. Life hack: 23 and Me. The test that has the health information actually tests for Factor V Leiden, which is the biggest contributor to the whole blood clot/estrogen thing. However, having heterozygous FVL, even having the big scary homozygous FVL, doesn’t mean you’re going to automatically get blood clots; it just means you need to be aware of what the symptoms of them are, and what to do to avoid them. Most people don’t have to worry about harmful blood clots, and those of us that do…well, we get Eliquis instead of estrogen.

  49. The increase in breast cancer risk is still lower than that in a cis woman. Also prostate cancer risk is reduced and testicular cancer can depending on method be litterally removed all together if you go bottom. If not then its just very reduced cancer risk :p

  50. The side effect are super rare also hrt doesnt get rid of facial or body hair. You gotta take car eof that yourself. Either wish shaving or more permanently with lasers or cryo

  51. But i haven't looked in her that much yet because I'm questioning still heavily and so if this does help actually with being hrt to prevent blood clot plz correct me

  52. Your risk for blood clots and breast cancer etc. will just get up to the level of a cis woman. At the same time your risk for prostate cancer and similar male health risks gets down. So you don't have a higher risk. You just change typically male illnesses against typically female illnesses.

  53. The thing to remember with side effects are that they have to list any side effect anyone has had just to cover themselves for liability.

  54. If I'm not mistaken it's also the method of absorption correct I believe the pills are harder on your liver but if you use a patch or injection you bypass some of those side effects do you not

  55. as far as i can tell, they’re all very unlikely and things you can catch and deal with early enough as long as you pay real close attention and go to the hospital about things

  56. Yo, EVERYTHING gives you blod clots, it's actually funny how almost every medicine has a risk of blod clots, and the breast cancer is a trade of because you're also less lilely to have testicular cancer, you're also not 100% free of breast cancer if you don't do HRT

  57. Exercise, diet, the women's section of clothing, and laser exist without the need for hrt, if that's all you need/want

  58. in my experience and my doctors opinion, the supposed risk for breast cancer is actually less than cis women. Also, the blood clotting issues are significantly more likely if you smoke or consume nicotine, otherwise its extremely unlikely - especially with doctors monitoring you.

  59. HRT 💙❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹💚❤️‍🩹💜💕💕❤️‍🩹💜💞💘❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹💗❤️❣️💜❤️‍🩹💕🖤💕💘💙💙💓💓💛❤️‍🩹🧡🖤💞💗💜💕💕❤️💕❤️

  60. Feminine figure?? What exactly is that supposed to look like? Careful how you answer this one, as to not invalidate other women as not having the feminine figure you think you should have.

  61. they are potential side effects. it may happen, it may not happen. Men have the potential to feel pain if kicked in the balls, for example. Breast cancer and blood cloths can be treated well if diagnosed early.

  62. The breast cancer is similar risk to an afab that comes with having larger breasts and risk factors such as diabetes, smoking, and obesity can cause blood clots and heart problems when taking hrt

  63. The chances of those things happening are incredibly low. Breast Cancer is only a real concern if it runs in your family, in which case you can get a DNA test to screen for if you have the gene that triggers it or not. My grandmother and aunt both had breast cancer, my sisters did the screening and only my eldest sister had the gene. I requested a screening before starting HRT but was going to start regardless so didn't wait on it, plus my medical system didn't seem to have any answers for me when I mentioned it.

  64. Blood clots and breast cancer are both risks however they elevate the risks to the level of cis women, meaning they’re still rather low odds. Additionally if I recall correctly doesn’t it lower the probability of getting prostate and testicular cancer

  65. Being that my grandma died of cancer, my grandpa living with cancer and my mum having to be screened a lot more frequently than normal, the risk of breast cancer for me is probably very high

  66. "Transgender women using hormone treatment show an increased risk of breast cancer compared with the general male population, finds a large Dutch study published by The BMJ today.

  67. Yeah... I'm having to hold off starting HRT because of another condition I'm currently dealing with that also puts me at an increased risk of clots. Thankfully its something we should be able to deal with, but it will take some time to get under control...

  68. All it does it put you at the same risk as cis women, don't worry, unless you are a smoker or something you should be alright, and you'll be closely monitored so if needed you can stop at any time.

  69. The way I understand it, and I could be wrong, it's that hormones do raise your risk of these issues, but only really to the level of cis women since it's an effect of estrogen generally, even in those who produce estrogen on their own. Additionally, you reduce testosterone related risks such as testicular and prostate cancer

  70. I just started hormones yesterday. My doctor said that, while it does raise the risk for blood clots, it's only really something to worry about for smokers and people with other conditions that increase the risk of blood clots. For breast cancer, they said it's still lower risk than cis women already have for it

  71. the risk of breast cancer only increases because you now have more breast tissue. it is still less than that it a cis woman actually.

  72. Remember that those things are only a small risk they have to tell you about legally. You're only going to get a comparable amount to a cis woman so your risk of these things are as much as mine (pre transition man)

  73. Blood clots are a very minor concern. From what I’ve read cis women on hormonal birth control have a higher blood clot risk than trans women on hrt and no one won’t prescribe hormonal birth control to healthy cis women cause of possible blood clots. Blood clots are only an issue if there are other risk factors and health problems and even then it’s not a hard no against HRT.

  74. For my end I've been on hormones for almost 2 years now. The short end of the stick I didn't know I was gonna be dealing with was incontinence during the time it made me go to the bathroom from every other hour to every hour and when I didn't go id be in a lot of pain or other issues would hit. Mainly from stress and hrt is what lead it to what I have now. But ill say being on hrt its helped me a lot better than how I felt about myself before. I know hormones isn't for everyone, I'm just happy I did it for me even if I have some things effected

  75. No matter what you decide, you’re not less trans for choosing not to transition. If I could get everything I wanted done with no side effects, I would move heaven and earth to do so.

  76. I'm a trans woman, and I've been on HRT for over a year and a half without complications. I also smoke weed every day, as long as you are also staying hydrated the risk goes down. So honestly drink more water; your kidneys will also thank you

  77. Generally, HRT puts you at the same risks as a cis female, so, it's only the TERFs that are making it out to be dangerous, literally half the population has the same risk profile.

  78. There's a very minuscule increase in risk of getting breast cancer. It's a 0.5% uptick. That's 5 out of every 1000 people. There's way better odds you'll turn out fine than not.

  79. I’ve actually had similar worries in the past. The way I always try to help myself with it is to realise that you wouldn’t be any more likely to suffer from these than a cis woman. I get that because you’re considering HRT it’s kinda like it’s all jumping at you at once, but you wouldn’t have to worry about it any more than any cis woman would. When was the last time you heard about a cis woman having serious complications because blood clots. Also, you may have a higher chance of breast cancer, but you’d also have a lower chance of testicular cancer, so overall I don’t think it would change too much (although I am not a doctor and tbh you should maybe try to talk to a professional about this since 99.9999% of Redditors aren’t doctors either so we can’t help you make a completed informed decision)

  80. This may be wrong but I think the only reason you have a higher risk for breast cancer after hrt is just because you have boobs now

  81. To be fair, that’s just the side effects of having a female amount of estrogen. Same risks for afab people. Testosterone also has its risks, it’d be a trade. You’d go from testosterone risks to estrogen risks.

  82. At the end of the day, the risks arent that likely You are just going from male risk levels to female levels You won’t be any more likely for these risks compared to any cis girl

  83. from what I can see is that the breast cancer just raises to a normal level for cis women so you wouldn't be at exceptional risk. and with blood clots it's similar as you stand up and walk/stretch every few hours so you aren't extremely stagnant in your life. some light excercise pretty much guarantees blood clots won't be an issue as long as you don't have underlying conditions

  84. What my doctor told me was the high risk of blood clots only comes in play with other factors not just the estradiol. The major one being people that combine birth control with it. But of course if the risk still seems too much to you then do what you think is best. You can still be trans without hormones. There is no one true way.

  85. Tbh any risks are very rare if youre relatively healthy, and the doctors would be doing bloodwork checks to make sure you are. I highly advise seeking it out and having medical professionals explain to you everything

  86. The medication I take for my chronic illness also increases the chance of blood clots, but I’ve never had any issues. The chance of blood clots or cancer are so incredibly low, don’t let them stop u from doing what you want to do. They only mention side affects cuz they have to legally, much like any other drug/medicine.

  87. For me the benefits outweigh the risks. It might have the potential to do that to me but I'd feel happy even if that did happen because I'd be in the body I want.

  88. those problems are about ten times less likely if you take a non oral form of hrt- i personally use dermal patches, and after 7 months i now have B cups and a fat a**.

  89. To my understanding as long as you have some level of physical activity the blood clot issue had a really low chance of occurring. As for breast cancer well yeah having breast does increase the risk of breast cancer however it not higher than it is for cis women as far as I know.

  90. Blood clots are really only a factor if you use nicotine. And like breast cancer is only increased because you have breasts.

  91. On the other hand health-wise, iirc will help prevent baldness and decrease your chance of getting prostate cancer

  92. So, most of those increased risk of blood clots and what not are no different than a cis women. The act of hormone replacement literally brings you to the level of cis women and as such the statistical "increased" risks of certain things.

  93. Your potential for breast cancer will go up to the same sort of level as your current potential for prostate cancer. Your chances of prostate cancer will decrease by a similar margin. So cancer isn't a good reason for not doing it. Especially since breast cancer research is the most well funded in the world.

  94. I was more scared of making it to my death bed and realizing I gave up something I knew would make me happy

  95. Totally understandable! I had similar reservations about starting testosterone, since it increases the risk of heart disease and male pattern baldness (which is not comparable to cancer or blood clots but it was a factor I had to consider).

  96. From what I've been told, yes there is an increased risk of those things, however cis women already are at those levels of "increased risk" in comparison to cis men. So yes there is more risk, but no more than a good chunk of the population is already at.

  97. E puts you at high risk of being a woman. There are risks associated with that. T puts you at high risk of being a man. There are risks associated with that. Joining up with the legion of the damned puts you at high risk of being a skeleton solider, abandoning gender, and destroying the world. This is a low risk activity. For you.

  98. Obviously, this is your decision and you shouldn’t let strangers on the internet try to make the choice for you. However, I do recall hearing once that the reason for the increased risk of breast cancer isn’t because of HRT in particular, but just the fact that you’re increasing the number of cells in that area, and having more cells means more risk of cancer. If I’m remembering this right, your chances of getting breast cancer go up with HRT for the same reason your risk of muscle cancer goes up when you work out. There’s just more growth in that area. I could be wrong about this, though, so I hope someone more educated can confirm/deny.

  99. I mean, if before we were born we were presented with the posible health risks of our AGAB I think basically no one would want to chose either. Both estrogen and testosterone present issues after a certain age and they require specific life styles to avoid the possibility of them happening.

  100. Fwiw, the risk of breast cancer isn't higher for us than it is for cis women. It's not a risk of being trans; it's a risk of being a person who has boobs, period. Your concerns are valid though. Do what feels most right for you. 🫂💜

  101. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it a trade off? Like sure, breast cancer risk grows. But from what I understand, there’s also a dramatic decrease in prostate cancer risk.

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