Best DAW for beginner ?

  1. You’re already halfway to making it as a Riddim producer! By the time you can play two notes on a keyboard you’ll sound like Virtual Rito. My Singing Monsters is the DAW most great producers use

  2. If you're working exclusively with MIDI, then Pro Tools is a great choice, but otherwise Renoise is probably the easiest DAW to just pick up and use without needing to read the manual

  3. This. A million times this. A billion times this. A trillion times this. As a top level broducer in my local scene (I have a DJ residency at the Old Navy in the mall), I would not be where I am today without MARIO PAINT. I OWE EVERYTHING TO MARIO AND HIS BROTHER LUIGI AND THEIR DOG YOSHI. THANK YOU MARIO womp womp

  4. My personal favorites would be Fruity Losers 20, Disableton live, Logic pro WHY, Studio one outta ten and Bitshit studio

  5. I'd start with a Jingle Bells cover, you should be able to get at least a few notes into the song before hitting a writers block

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