New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

  1. Yeah, but it’s still mostly boomers who are voting. If younger people voted, abortion would also stay legal everywhere. This is across both parties. These dinosaurs have ruined everything that the Greatest Generation handed to them. We are all living in the mess boomers made.

  2. So do the other 30 polls. The only thing that’s been learned from this is in this so called “democracy”, popular opinion has almost no bearing on legislation.

  3. This isn’t new information. Majority of American voices AREN’T heard no matter how much we poll, vote, protest, yell…. the political minority gets their way with us against our will.

  4. Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act passed the house and senate. Now it's sitting on Biden's desk for his signature. Not sure what he's waiting for. He campaigned on this.

  5. New poll shows what old polls have always shown…Politicians don’t listen to voters. They listen to lobbyist that fill their pockets…

  6. There is a whole bunch of things that most Americans support that will never get past the amoral bought and paid for politicians who make the laws.

  7. Are there any meaningful things a Texan can do to make their voice heard on this matter? I know we can contact our senators, but… Texas.

  8. politicians don't (big pharma, and as I learned the alcohol distributors, pay to well)...Texas will be the last state to legalize - it's stupid.

  9. The main problem that California has especially shown is that once the governments get a taste of marijuana taxes, they will only increase it over the long run. This in turn keeps the black market thriving which causes the state governments to take up the war on drugs fight to protect their taxes. Cartels will use legalization as a shield to increase illegal grows which become dangers for those who see too much. Truly legal sellers get the end of the rope as they are squeezed by taxes, competitive disadvantage from illegal weed bypassing taxes, and customers hitting them with frivolous lawsuits. In other words, legalization becomes true only in name.

  10. I’m down with it, but why can’t we also make it possible to buy alcohol in grocery stores everywhere? Where I live I have to drive to a liquor store to get a bottle of wine. So archaic. Thanks for letting me “whine.”

  11. The headline writer must have smoked too much cannabis before going to work. A majority is 51%. That many Americans supported legal cannabis at least a decade ago.

  12. My opinion is that they are lookin a cash cow in the eyes an just not milking her for all she is worth. Ron desantis is agsinst rec weed we do have medical weed.

  13. If you read the article (it’s not very long), you would see that the poll in question absolutely distinguishes between medical and recreational marijuana.

  14. There's only one reason it's still illegal federally. We can't get 10 Republican senators to vote for it.

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