More U.S. companies charging employees for job training if they quit

  1. How are they going to outlaw it? The federal government has been doing it for 80+ years in the military. It’s called the GI bill for starters and it’s in every military contract and codified into law by Congress.

  2. Yeah if I want out, can I just bring in someone else an they're on the hook for it? And then they can bring in two new hires to cover those costs, and then....

  3. Before accepting the offer I would ask for a complete itemized list of said training and a description of what I would be paying for. If I'm paying for it I want to know what I would be getting if I left the company. Seems like a fair and reasonable request giving the fact that I am also interviewing them as well. If they refuse or can't accommodate then maybe I wouldn't want to work for them anyways, there's always other companies. If not then at least there are side gigs to get by.

  4. I can see this for employees that have free college in a state with a clause to then work for the state for minimums like 2 years. Something from an accredited institution.

  5. Literally called TRAPs! Who's PR firm let's this kinda shit happen?! Dog, any American that says we're " the land of the free" has their head in the sand.

  6. No way am i paying for training that I used on their behalf. They benefited yesterday, I benefit tomorrow.

  7. Fuck this…then my clock starts when I wake up..all the preparation for work should be paid…including gas, toothpaste, a portion of water, electricity..,all the things we use to get ourselves to work and in a presentable state. Whats the difference? Grow a pair, organize, if you’re waiting for the company to “make it better” it’ll never happen. Push back against bullshit

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t training hours and business expenses a tax write off? So wouldn’t this essentially be a “tax” on workers?

  9. It won’t be a tax write off if they’re recouping costs. Plus all hours are business expenses. I’d think you’re but getting taxed if you have to pay the company back tho

  10. Simple, when they approach me with a contract that has a clause for training reimbursement I scratch it through and request an signature and copy of the document or a new contract without this prior to signing myself into a trap.

  11. What isn't set up front is how often the training is more useless than reading online advertisements and the cost they assign is completely out of proportion.

  12. That may be true, but now.your'e still beholden to THEIR terms, like length of mandatory employment, cost of training (,they set the cost), payback terms (how soon, how much) if you leave. So you're basically an indentured servant until you get past the mandatory length...of course they can still fire you without cause and make you liable.for training costs. Shit that could even be their business model, train folks, fire them, and collect money..

  13. This has already been common in IT where they might pay for your certifications and training. Usually you would agree to stay employed with them for 6 mo or sometimes up to 2 years otherwise you have to pay back that cost.

  14. When they say "U.S. companies" do they mean colleges or universities and by "quit" do they mean graduate?

  15. If the employee has you sign something that says “You will pay this if you leave before one year passes” then you have to pay it. It sucks, but your options are to stay until the last day of the agreement or pay. It can’t be forever, though. Most signing contracts like this are for six months to one year.

  16. Inb4 companies routinely grift by giving the impression they'll hire an employee, put them through expensive training, don't actually hire person just collect tuition

  17. As an employer, this is a serious issue for us. Often times they take the job, go through the training a quit then we got no benefit or work completed but we had to pay for those hours. Seems like people are vehemently opposed to this but this is a killer for employers when it happens

  18. But it’s good because you can still find hard workers that is the point of training people and seeing how they do, if their is a price tag for the training those places will crumble, I know I most likely wouldn’t apply to a job like that because it’s a waste of time for myself, if another company hired you with better benefits and you had to suffer paying that Is not right

  19. Meh most companies that pay for at least part of your classes require a retention period or else your have to reimburse them. This is nothing new.

  20. That's nothing unusual for tech companies with real training. On job told me that if I left within a year, I would owe them $5000, and that was almost 20 years ago.

  21. This is in most handbooks. Companies protect themselves in this way from employees who better themselves and leave. Where this can become problematic is that we are in the age of companies like Glassdoor. You can very easily destroy your presence with one or two people giving you the reputation of a company that comes after you. Its a very fine line.

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