CEO Pay Has Soared by Nearly 1,500% Since 1978, While Workers Have Been Left Behind

  1. Trickle down economics = third world economics. It’s economics for the uncivilized, it’s the oldest form of government policy. All the governments that have died used this strategy.

  2. But it does trickle down. I’m getting trickled on nearly everyday. Are you not getting trickled on? Maybe you’re not standing in the right place.

  3. I feel like the people posting saying “why do you care” are either really boomer, or , to young to understand what life is throwing at the average Joe right now.

  4. No kidding. It's indefensible. As someone who has seen the inner workings of multiple corporations, these guys aren't gifted. It's not a job that requires a unique skillset. These guys are political animals and status quo. Nothing innovative

  5. The pay gap mentioned in this propaganda also includes share based compensation from last year’s inflated stock market. Which I would bet as of now in this bear market, the gap is no longer 1,500%

  6. Or they understand that its a really small group of people and even if you took all the wealth from all the CEOs and give it to the poorest people, it would barely even be noticeable.

  7. Gotta fund those defense contractors. And fund half of a European war. And provide defense for the rest of Europe and other places.

  8. the worst part of greed like that exhibited by a fuck like jeff bezos is that he hoards the money, he doesn’t spend it like his employees would. imagine amazon warehouse workers getting 100,000/year - they would go to restaurants, take vacations to other states, stay in hotels by clothes buy cars - all x1000s of employees - that is a healthy economy

  9. Free cash, subsidies, deregulation, union busting, and Fed bailouts at the top, kill or be killed competition for jobs at the bottom.

  10. The system is totally flawed. Inequalities are constantly increasing, and this is no coincidence, because the powerful do everything they can to maintain this system, of which they are the primary beneficiaries.

  11. I think CEO pay soared by the first 1400% by about 1984, so really, it's been kind of flat since then.

  12. As we know.... those that actually do less work, are less productive, always get paid the most. Makes perfect sense to pay those that point their finger more than those that actually do the work, NOT.

  13. More often than not that’s what shareholders will want, because it’s easier to destroy a company and buy against the stock than to buy in and build.

  14. Trickle down does work, I just saw in the news that Amazon warehouse employees getting a 50 cent to a dollar raise per hour. 🙄

  15. I remember the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, said his goal was to have a weaker labor market and lower wages. So basically increasing the unemployment rate by the end of they year, would improve inflation.

  16. Pretty irresponsible reporting. Quote: "CEO compensation at the 350 largest publicly traded U.S. companies rose by an inflation-adjusted 1,460%". Keywords "publicly traded". The authors neglect to mention CEO pay in publicly traded companies is largely via stock. If the stock goes up, it increases their pay. And vice versa.. Regular employees do not have their pay almost solely in stock, hence the disparity. If you don't like it, stop buying stock.

  17. Context. The data is for 350 top CEOs and at average pay of $27 million. That is $10 billion per year or approximately how much Elon musk lost in the market today. Or less than 1% of spending in last stimulus bill.

  18. Why shouldn't people care about their fellow countrymen? Why do you care about this subject enough to type your comment?

  19. If you want ceo pay then start your own company. No one forces you to buy products from greedy companies. Stop buying their stuff.

  20. Why does it matter if everybody works necessary jobs that the company needs to operate but most are barely surviving because a few get more than they'll ever need?

  21. This is the economy subreddit you’re an absolute muppet for asking why anyone cares about wage growth in the FUCKING ECONOMY subreddit

  22. This is exactly what you would expect when we increase average worker productivity through robotics, software, AI, etc. The worker continues to work about the same amount of hours (and compensated accordingly) but can produce a lot more output by using the equipment/software. The owners of that equipment/software keep most of the related gains as they made the investment in the tools to increase productivity. Not saying this is right or wrong. Just commenting that it is what’s expected in a capitalistic economy that’s undergoing increased automation.

  23. The issue is technology and automation have replaced many lower skilled workers that end up being stuck in the service industry. Or you have a ton of lower skilled business jobs where the company requires a college degree.

  24. Median CEO salary is 800000 usd. I cant find exact data for average corporation but median business is about 1500 people. (lover end). Im assuming that small businesses do not have CEOs, since they are not corporations.

  25. Why is it always the CEOs who get the brunt of this? Where are the complaints about hollywood actors and sports ball players? Seriously CEO salaries don't compare at all to the amount of money that gets spent on sports ball players.

  26. This just get so old, can you stop playing this dumb class warfare game, understand this obvious statement; CEO PAY DOESNT MATTER. Its an unimportant anecdote, what you should be focusing on is how the government has been funnelling government directly to the richest through the Federal Reserve, that is what is causing workers to be left behind, not CEO pay.

  27. It does matter in this case, because if you create money, you must also tax it to keep balance. Central banks are creating loans that go to big corporations, but if rich keep the money and avoid taxation, it becomes problem. That's at least my current understanding of the problem, so you are right, but money is already printed so what you propose to do about it now?

  28. Mostly agree with one big exception: The Fed isn't funneling anything to anyone. They're working hard to pay off gov't debt with cheaper and cheaper dollars, as Gov't buys votes.

  29. That analogy is fucking bullshit and even a child could see through it. What percentage of all jobs come from these massive companies?

  30. Whenever I see a post like this, I know Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung would approve!! Let the proletariat unite against the bourgeois!!!! Let’s lead a new revolution and form a government that is right, fair and just for all!!! A few decades later and millions of people dead, plus the Cold War and people still haven’t given up on utopia. There will always be haves and have nots. Life isn’t fair, it never has been and never will be. It’s just that people haven’t been teaching the right lessons to kids lately. Ask any Ukrainian today if they think life is fair and see what their response is.

  31. I personally don’t care. My team makes a great living as well as most of my coworkers. I’ve had employees that are now making millions annually with the same company. I don’t care at all what the ceo is making compared to all of the company’s employees.

  32. I don't understand this world, what's wrong with just moving to social democracy all around the world and taxing rich everywhere? We know that market can work well, if it's properly regulated and state cares about people, but even in Nordic countries they couldn't successfully tax the rich, because they just escape to countries with low taxes. However, if they had nowhere to hide, they would have to pay. We just need worldwide shift to left leaning governments that would stop this abuse. Once they have nowhere to hide their money, what would they do?

  33. Has the average minimum wage from 1978 climbed by a multiple of much less than 15? I'm not for the fat cats, but the information given in the headline is useless without the comparison.

  34. Why does all the hate go to the CEO and not the investors (the actual owners of the companies). CEO pay has nothing to do with workers pay, if you paid them less the money would just go to the investors, and even if it did, the CEO’s salary is a tiny part of a company’s payroll and wouldn’t make any difference.

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