D.C. lawmakers pass a bill that would ban firing employees for failed marijuana tests

  1. Marijuana is the FIRST medicine I’ve taken in my life that truly, truly eliminates my knee pain AND doesn’t have the insane side effects I would experience with the amount of NSAIDS required to get the same result. Not to mention the side effects of pain killers.

  2. My back pain too. (Fell off a piece of heavy equipment & busted up my back) A pain clinic got me hooked on opiates. Been clean of the Opiates 5 years in July.

  3. I’ll choose my medicine over a shitty job any day. Employers better start treating it like alcohol or they won’t have many employees left.

  4. Same here, but I find that consuming it frequently makes me depressed and it kinda takes me out of reality a little. I find it best used in moderation for me. Obviously, everyone is different, but that's my 2 cents that noone asked for. 😂

  5. I just started having consistent knee pain in the past month and a single gummy got completely rid of the pain and stiffness for a full 48 hours.

  6. Same here. This is wonderful! My doctors are of little help. I have auto-immune problems and my doctor casually told me I could be higher risk of cancer. He wrote down the name and said “here for google it” I was in so much pain one night, I went to the ER. The doc was so rude and he said “I can’t do anything about it!” And I had to leave. When straight to the dispensary and never looked back.

  7. Yep! I have endometriosis that leaves me with chronic cramping that has sent me to the hospital numerous times and only marijuana will ease the pain. It’s a miracle.

  8. I could see this being somewhat essential if you are flying an aircraft etc... but for the common worker. I would sooner take CBD or weed than to get on oxy or such nowadays.

  9. Same. I’m a career fed and would really like to see a change to our archaic approach to weed. I can drink myself silly nightly (and know plenty that do) but can’t take an edible on the weekend. Dumb.

  10. The feds, specifically by the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988, is why so many American companies do drug test. That law doesn’t specifically require testing, just that employers must have a drug prevention plan in place to receive federal grants and contracts. So most companies just require employment screenings and/or random tests, and call that their drug prevention plan.

  11. I did too. Would have been interesting to see how that would work for state laws. It’s legal in Florida to fire people for testing positive for nicotine.

  12. Does not apply to public servants, CDL holders, healthcare workers, teachers, childcare workers, construction workers, union employees, and a bunch of others.

  13. If it’s not federal then it’s useless. Any nationwide chain will use that excuse and fire you. I know this shit first hand getting a random drug test at Walgreens.

  14. You would have to fire 1/2 of everyone who works in ERs. Weed helps them sleep after 18 hour shifts. We should encourage that.

  15. i'm a marijuana user and have refused job offers (2) from companies that drug test for that sole reason.

  16. Your time off the clock is your time. Why should I be fired for smoking a joint 3 weeks ago on my vacation. I agree with you if an individual is high in the workplace but why does the company get to dictate my life when I am currently not working.

  17. It is understood that there are professions that require and should be tested, aviation, bus and truck drivers, etc...but for everyday jobs the rules should be the same no alcohol and no marijuana. You can't prove someone is high on the spot but you can tell if they are drunk.

  18. Not disagreeing except that there should be ways to test for recent use for these types of workers. As it stands now the DOT 5 panel test can still show if marijuana was consumed for as long as it stays in your system, depending on metabolism. If Johnny aircraft mechanic wants to smoke a doob on the weekend or even on a weeks long break from work, they shouldn’t have the looming threat of job loss over a popped drug test for something consumed responsibly.

  19. Current tests for marijuana detect usage from the last 24 hours, to several weeks, to 90 days (hair, uncommon method)

  20. This is so stupid!!!! BAN THE TESTS!!!! Why would you still let people be tested so then the employer can take their sweet old time coming up with another way to fire them??

  21. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t care if an employer wants to fire me for testing positive for thc. I can always find another job I hate that doesn’t pay enough.

  22. A test doesn’t indicate if usage is “off the clock” or at work. And there are jobs where having an employee under the influence of any substance can impact their job and ultimately the safety and wellbeing of others. Hence, the law.

  23. As a long time smoker and someone who has passed dozens of drug tests using synthetic urine…I don’t agree with this. Employers have every right to fire anyone they want that doesn’t fit into their mold or who may be impaired. The solution is to reclassify Mary Jane so it’s not a schedule 1 drug. Any other solution just isn’t going to be the right one.

  24. You realize THC is testable in urine for weeks? How many people who have been fired for testing positive do you actually think were impaired at work?

  25. Sounds like you found the solution already, keep your employer in the dark, and use fake urine. This is what we call a "survival instinct". See Mice don't care that its ILLEGAL for them to live in your house and the result if caught is the Death Penalty. They have to survive regardless of how you feel about them. Same for "undesirable" humans which you have been branded by the Federal Government.

  26. This is what they are focused on when you have violent crime on the rise, people camping out at major intersections, mentally ill people passed out on sidewalks or wandering about screaming at their reflections, a transit agency that is bloated/mismanaged and can't even run half their trains b/c of their incompetence, fare evasion running rampant to the point where the WMATA needs constant bailouts, rats the size of cats (but smaller than the ones in NYC that are the size of raccoons), human feces on sidewalks all over the place, and a school system that sucks so bad that parents lie about where they live so they can send their kids to schools in Maryland or Virginia. (and yes - I know that some parents in MD/VA do that with respect to the small handful of decent schools in DC too but far more people are actively fleeing DC public schools).

  27. The juvenile crime is really the problem. The kids know they’ll be out same day if they get caught thanks to the DC Councils stance on crime. Broad daylight shootings, armed carjacking, burglary. Robbery, group shoplifting. If not for the property values no one would live there, and I say that as a native.

  28. I don’t know what the employer laws are regarding terminations. Seems like an at-will state can fire someone for eating an ice cream flavor the boss doesn’t like. Not sure on D.C.’s rules.

  29. It’s legal in nearly half the country. And drug tests don’t show if someone is high at work, they show if they hit high in the last month. Meanwhile, the same tests only pick up meth, cocaine, etc for a couple of days.

  30. Sure, let's allow people to operate heavy machinery and the likes of it that requires sharp mind to operate people with diminished capacity. The lawyers are going to get busy.

  31. I mean, if you show up to work drunk? You’re an asshole. It’ll be the same with weed. Making weed legal doesn’t mean everyone’s gonna start smoking 24/7.

  32. Marijuana tests don’t tell employers if they’re employee is high, it tells them if they got high at all in the last month. It’s like getting a DUI because you went wine tasting two weeks ago

  33. Hahaha NPR news. Its funny because they have to "whisper" when they read the news. I think thats their "thing". The "Drug War" has done what it was intended to do, and thats "lockdown" society and create enough low level violence for decades that people keep running to the government to "go git them cartels" even allowing authorizations of weapons sale directly to Cartels. Hmmm, one might thing this is just another scam to make money.

  34. Why would anyone test for marijuana these days? Wouldn't they be better off giving everyone a breathalyzer test before entering the building? I'd rather have a stoned employee than a drunk.

  35. In your narrow focus of the world, you neglect to consider those jobs that require employees to not be under the influence of any substance that affects job performance.

  36. This just protects people from being fired for doing something legal on their own time. No one is gonna stop business from firing employees that are actively high ln the job.

  37. If I ever started a company (would be tech) I would only test to ensure my coders are in fact smoking the herb. Passed drug tests will require discipline and explaination

  38. So what’s to prevent someone from getting high at work but denying they are high. If tests aren’t valid what would constitute a legitimate way of knowing someone is presently high?

  39. Does this mean getting high during your lunch break then jump on and operate heavy equipments won't get you fired? 😜 i

  40. After reading the article it sound like it will cover everyone except “essential workers “ that is my interpretation…. And we all know from corona that everyone ended up being essential workers. So this law won’t cover anyone.

  41. Everywhere that has legal pot should test on random work days to see if they are currently high and if they are 1 strike you’re out with no unemployment benefits

  42. There’s no test to see if someone is currently high. Only test that show if someone has smoked in the past month

  43. Because it’s stupid to be fired for using it whatever happens outside of the job is your own personal life and you can do what you want and if you are tested at work and you used weed let’s say 4 days ago at home it’s still gonna show up in the test even tho you did it at home

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