well that didnt quite work out

  1. Me at 22 dissolving adderall-20 into my cup of coffee (it was a week before midterms, I didn't need a good grade, it's just when speed is the most available for bulk purchasing)

  2. I have to run classes at my work for meth addicts. When I see the dopamine amounts they get from the first high compared to an orgasm and things like that I'm like "Yeah I'll do meth when I'm old and got nothing to lose"

  3. I'm glad my school had a bit more of a responsible approach; they actually had us to reports (and research) drugs.

  4. As soon as I found out what drugs were I wanted to try em I was interested in the psychedelics, wanted to see funny things. I’ve pretty much tried everything except xans and heroine but have done fentanyl a few times started at 18 now I’m 24 and flatting and still have a full time job as a car painter

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