1. Since OP has generously provided us with a 16 megapixel image, you may save it to your photo album and have it printed by an on-demand service at up to 30 x 40 (“giant poster” you said) or a more reasonable 16 x 24 size

  2. I love the use of point line and form here. Since you had a clear idea of what you wanted to do you simplified it as much as possible without taking away from the main idea. I really love this op

  3. It’s great sexy sketch. I just don’t get how she is able to stand on one foot like that when her leg is at that steep angle. 🦵 📐

  4. Wow this is excellent. Gotta see if I can edit this to get it white on black for a phone background. Fantastic job

  5. I just want to know in the most kindest possible way What turn this draw so amazing at the eye of the other people? Just to try understand these kind of arts (Sorry if my English is bad)

  6. My by brothers and sisters in Christ this sub doesn’t have a nude women problem, there is plenty of normal non sexual art posted here every day, do you know what happens to them though? They’re not seen and do you know why that is? It’s because a lot of horny mfs on here are constantly putting these in the popular page, has nothing to do with the posters of this sub, the ability to be able to post nsfw posts it was inevitable that this would happen

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