You're an asshole in DBFZ Starter Pack

  1. To all the people running fusions because they are your favourite character, I'm confused because I thought Cell was your favourite character? Or was it Bardock? Yamcha? Was it GT Goku?

  2. RIGHT! I haven't played since a little after ss4 Gogeta came out and used him, Vegito, and Gotenks. Now all I hear is fusions are top tier?!? And of course the new 21 is apparently op. I would go back just to see but the last time I did, that online almost made me want to claw my eyes out with the crazy delay

  3. UI Literally ain't bad to fight. He's super unsafe on most of his moves. The fusions are kinda busted tho, I would still put 21 Lab above them all

  4. People who shame others for playing their favorite characters with assists that they like just because they are strong are bigger assholes

  5. I once got a win on someone right before they rq'd, permanently destroying their perfect record. I never felt prouder. Do those guys just make a whole new account or what?

  6. I play 2 of the 3(switch vegito for z Broly or base goku), I use c assists(because I can't be bothered to learn bread and butter combos or optimal routes), but I don't ragequit or have shit internet. But here's the thing. I'm most of the way through super saiyan God tier and I'm winning and having fun. So enjoy getting mad cause you can't beat commonly played characters, I'm enjoying myself and that's all I care about when it comes to a game I payed for.

  7. Not running C assists is better for pressure, but at a certain skill level, and especially online, that doesn't matter since people get opened up a lot quicker. Keep doin what you enjoy lol

  8. This, you can play a top tier character without being an asshole but if you exclusively play top tiers without variation that doesn't make you good you're just using a crutch and you're just being an asshole

  9. I play Gogeta Blue from day 1 same for Tohan, and I played them even when they were both low tier. So don't expect me to switch team now that my characters are finally good.

  10. Oh duuuuude, I know that feeling. I was a Z Broly main since the day he dropped, back when everyone thought he was only mid. Still mained him through the hellscape of the Fuzzy and Snapback Meta, then the Golden days of the buffs and Fuzzy removal came, and suddenly I was being called a Tier Whore after nearly 2 years of maining him because people suddenly knew he was good, but also hadn't bothered to learn the matchup the past 2 years when he was a low tier.

  11. "UI OP!" he grumbles going back to training to further lab his Lab Coat 21 and no other character on his team because he just picked them for the assist

  12. i feel ui is more acceptable then the other 2 because he’s been nerfed quite a bit while the other 2 have either gotten buffs, small nerfs, or no changes

  13. I hate the blue fusions, feel like one of then should've og super saiyan so we could have red yellow and blue for the 3 fusions.

  14. I play more dokkan than fighterz but why would you upvote this, OP is just super toxic and complaining about dumb shit, the only truly valid thing imo is the match completion and maybe the internet depending on how bad.

  15. Yo Im ngl after playing a handful of Ranked matches I can tell you that the ultimate form of being an Absolute asshole is being wall hugging bastard don't get me wrong if your guarding is good thats fine but 90% of these people can't actually block mix when you hit them with it. If you're at LIVING LEGEND OR HIGHER and all you do is hug the wall, randomly super dash, and spam auto combo and your only mix consists of 6M and dragon rush you deserve the death penalty!

  16. C Assists are bad at higher levels when people actually know how to block and play around assist cooldown.

  17. It’s a stereotype on a type of player this equates to. I didn’t get it either because I used all C-Assists because it worked for my team comp and certain combos wouldn’t land unless it was a c-Assist and yes it was easier to confirm.

  18. Why the fuck is Blue Gogeta in there? He’s one of the funner characters in the game and on the more honest side of the roster.

  19. Only thing op about him is his sparking damage and easy mix but he takes more of a brain then Vegito and Gogeta 4 to max potential

  20. Post your number 1 set of 3 characters in other words Go2s! One, two m, three! Mines is Super Vegeta, Frezia and Teen Gohan

  21. *any variation of goku, A21, any fusion. more than one c assist. less than 2 bar connection. i dont mind completion rate cause i love when people leave.

  22. This reads like huge scrub player aside from the rage quit mark bruh just get better at countering these chars especially gogeta blue

  23. Characters that are super popular in any competitive game usually get countered super quick. The people you should really fear are the people who pick the obscure low tiers. They have nothing to lose lol

  24. One would be a bigger asshole if one dicks around like spamming to tilt, tea-bagging, sending toxic stamps, and overall not taking the match seriously and just toy with opponents especially if the opponent seems new to the game.

  25. “You’re allowed to play whatever you think is fun! Unless it’s high tiers then you’re not allowed to have fun.”

  26. bruh yeah in a sense cuz a 60 foot lan cable is like 12 bucks, like just buy one so both you and your opponents dont have to sit through your shitty wifi , other than that more fgs need the ability to decline based on connection like mk11 somewhat lets you

  27. I’ll embrace this as I willingly and knowingly play Fourgeta, Vegito, and UI just so I can go “HAHA YOU’RE TRASH! Lolz” whenever I make someone plug after I finish mashing out all the meme buttons and nothing else the entire game.

  28. I feel like I'm weird because my favorite way to play this game is to just always use random characters for every fight. But it's just so damn fun that way.

  29. As long as you enjoy it, do it. Of course it's weird, since to compete in fighting games you need a main character(s for a team). But if you enjoy playing everything, that's fine.

  30. Fellow Blue Gogeta since release main? I feel the need to say hi to the only other person I've seen other than me that's mained this character since his frame data was literal dog water

  31. C assists are cool, and none of those characters are OP on their own. Its when you walk in with the premium kit: Triple C, LB 21/Gogeta4/Vegito or Gogeta, and mash DR on every wakeup after launching said c assist. Thats when I start shedding tears.

  32. I sincerely disagree that C assists are cool. Regardless of how you use them or what C assist you use, it is by far the most cheap and annoying extension in the game, and undeserving of being in the game. Yes, it does help beginners, but I've never really found that long ass cooldown to be that much of an issue. Maybe 1 on a team is fine like you said, but I just think it's a lame tool.

  33. Defeated a Vegito blue using Black and he just. . . Quit. . . No disconnect, his other 2 characters just stood there once I hit my combo and KO'd Vegito

  34. He's not as problematic as he used to be, but he is still some extreme nonsense. There's a reason he's called "Ultra Ignorance" in this game. That said, I WOULD replace him with SS4 Gogeta in a heartbeat

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