Music goes well with him. Just started playing. How am I?

  1. Goku black is my main hes such a sexi man. I recommended learning the ground to air combo with no superdash then use the SD to extend off of an ex dive kick to bounce the fool then finish with the 3 bar. nice song choice tho

  2. So obviously it's a very beginner combo. A peice of advice with goku black after you vanish mid screen if you immediately mash auto combo you can do a follow up after vanish your notation would look like this, 5LLL superdash jl jl j2h jc jl jl js j235L and then level 3. Its a very easy vanish follow up and does a lot more damage then what you did here. if you have questions about how I wrote that feel free to ask

  3. Bro this is like my first fighting game that I’m taking mid serious. What does all that mean 💀 I’m a xbox controller player

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