"Albums You Might Have Missed" 2022 Masterlist - Doom, Sludge, and Stoner

  1. Great albums both, but neither meets the “2,000 listeners or fewer” requirement (they’re at approx 5k and 15k respectively).

  2. Ah, jealous as fuck, Tuskar’s my favorite album on this list and probably my favorite sludge/doom record of the year besides Black Royal. The main riff to Shame is just crushingly heavy.

  3. This is unrelated but do you make these lists for fun? Or are you a promoter? I appreciate the thoroughness :))

  4. Purely for fun. I get absolutely no benefit from these lists other than the endorphin shot from people discovering new music thanks to me. If you check my post history I also do similar stuff for my other big hobby, comic books.

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