If your dog was in a room with a hundred other dogs that looked exactly like him/her - would you be able to distinguish them from the others?

  1. Mines reactive but in a scaredy way so with all the other dogs he’d be jumping straight up in the air lol

  2. I would only have to yell "show me your belly" and see the one violently throwing himself into the ground and rolling in a attempt to get a treat.

  3. Same here! Its my Nugget's favorite trick, when he gets frustrated learning something new he tries to impress me with a very enthusiastic belly roll and flailing legs. My derp would be easy to spot.

  4. My thoughts exactly. Win-win for everybody :) I even just asked my boyfriend if he'd mind and he said already be right there calling a bunch of people to help us bring all the dogs home in as few trips as possible!

  5. He would find me ASAP with an unmistakable desperation. No other dog would be that intent on crawling on top of me while I'm still standing.

  6. Yup. This. I leave for even a minute to do something so quick such as check the mail, and my dog acts like she hasn’t seen me in 10 years.

  7. That's how I would know my beagle. Nothing terrifies him more than being separated from me. He couldn't even enjoy a dog park if he didn't know where I was at all times. For my other dog I would be the only one he wasn't trying to pick a fight with.

  8. Couldn’t have said it better my friend. It’s like he’s either my shadow or he’s my little koala bear. No personal space at all. So yes I’d definitely be able to spot him lol

  9. this is the right answer, and to top it off, there could be 100 people that look just like me, but only i smell like me. He could do it blind folded

  10. This sort of happened to me where I saw a look alike dog at the groomers and was like, "that's not my dog, wtf". Meanwhile, my dog was carrying on like a looney, crying and jumping in the cage above like "ffs, don't take that imposter home, I'm here!". There's no way either of us would get it wrong.

  11. This happens so often. They’ll see a dog on my table and freak out asking wtf I did to their dog and asking why it isn’t responding to their presence. I’m all like, well, it isn’t your dog. Then I go get Bella for them.

  12. Once I got a “report card” from the groomer with my dog’s name on it but slightly misspelled. It said she was perfectly calm and happy the whole time. I said, “Are you sure this is about my dog?” Readers, it was not. The correct report card, of course, stated that she trembled for the first five minutes and tried to bite the blowdryer as usual.

  13. Whenever we’re at the dog park and I notice my dog is getting tired I ask him “do you wanna go home?“ and then he picks up his ball and prances over to the gate and stands with his face pressed up against it until I come to let him out.

  14. Once there was a dog of the same breed/color/gender at my dogs daycare. Picking her up the lady brought the other dog and I knew instantly. Even videos of them playing they look basically identical but I know my girl. Her attitude and the way she walks I can always tell.

  15. You can tell by their eyes and demeanor. Humans are really good at distinguishing friendly members of our household from strangers. This is especially evident with cats. Growing up I had a semi feral regular ol grey tiger cat, identical to every other grey tiger cat that was my cat. Despite all the strays that looked like her, I just instinctively knew it was her even when I was just driving by the house and saw her in a field or something.

  16. My dog is a beagle that doesn't bark. Everytime I find a barking beagle I'll just put a red dot on its head. I'll find mine eventually lol. He also has to know the word "Cookie" and get super excited. I would do that one first but my boy likes to just not listen to me and if there's 100 others dogs.... I don't exist lol.

  17. Omg my beagle barely barks herself. She’s so quiet. Only when she’s really really super excited does she barouuuu

  18. Where did you get this mysterious non barking beagle and can we switch ?! Mine screams about everything and anything lol

  19. Mine is a weird social outcast, he was socialized a lot as a puppy and we did classes. But for some reason, he very very rarely can make friends. He gets overly attached to whoever makes any slight acknowledgement of him. He's basically the weird kid at the park. So I'd look for the dog that no one wants to play with. I also just know my boy's face. I can tell among his puppy pictures which he is out of the litter, even before his little unique hair on his eyelid grew out

  20. Right? She normally would be off having the time of her life but God forbid any of those 100 dogs come over for pets... The indignancy.

  21. I'd ask all of them if they got the bug - the one that comes running for a treat is my boy. He knows his dog job is to stomp on bugs, and he gets paid handsomely.

  22. Mine would be howlbarking at me like a drunken sailor while she stepped on every other dog like the dainty hippo she is on her way to me. I would just ask where my mikkiddy moogity is lol

  23. My dog has a special “flirt face” that is hard to miss. Also, she would come to me immediately without having to ask or would be the one making a lot of eye contact. If all of that failed for some reason I would use the hand signals I have for her and know.

  24. I’d show him a video of a horse on my phone. God he hates horses (only when they’re on video, irl he doesn’t care) OR FaceTime my mom. He LOVES to hear his grandma’s voice on the phone and comes SPRINTING over

  25. Everyone on here is all "I know my dogs adorable quirk" or " I trained them to do a unique trick" meanwhile I'm thinking I'd look for the most passive aggressive asshole in the bunch, that would probably be my dog.

  26. Every time I leave my house for anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours, she has a complete excitement meltdown upon my return (wriggly butt, happy sneezing, does literal 180 flips in the air). I recently left her with a friend for 5 days (our longest separation after almost 2 years of having her!) and she melted the same amount as if I’d been gone 10 minutes. To find my dog I’d just leave for a few minutes and come back. She’s the one doing flips that I’ve returned 😂

  27. I love this comment more than words can say! Just thinking about a dog going NUTS as though he understands what being flipped off means...so funny

  28. Same. I'd just lay down because my dog would immediately decide wherever my feet should be is the most comfortable spot in the entire world.

  29. she would be the one that starts going crazy when I am driving up to said room when I get about 1km away . She knows the sound of all my vehicles and knows when i am coming home . And then when I enter said room she will be the one telling me off for going away for more than 5 minutes

  30. We have the same dog apparently. My 9 month old only rough plays, because that is how his big brother plays. Also, the only time that dude barks is when he is excited or if his brother doesn't want to play.

  31. No but he would probably find me in a room filled with a hundred other people that look exactly like me. He's a special boi.

  32. I'd twirl my finger and the dog that turns around, lays down and faces away from me would be my Rosco!(he's not allowed to watch us eat.)

  33. Oh my freaking god, why didn't I think of that. My dog watches us eat. Well, she watches everyone else eat pretty much. She knows I don't like it so she'll watch anyone else, unless I'm the only one eating. Then she'll watch me from a respectable distance.

  34. Geeze no, I had trouble recognizing my daughter in a group of kids at every graduation from preschool thru college. My dog? She's a half husky derp, so if she was looking at me with recognition, maybe. But when does a husky act like it knows you if you don't have a treat? And if you do have a treat, then every husky would act like it knows you.

  35. My dog is incredibly …. Common. She is a yellow chi weeny. We have met many many many other yellow chi weenie that looked exactly like her… I could probably pick her out based on her behavior. She’s not food motivated whatsoever and doesn’t want to socialize with most animals. So she’s probably be in the corner staring at the wall and seething in anger that she’s in a room with 100 other dogs

  36. I would start moving forward and whichever dog immediately makes it his life goal to run away from me would be my dog

  37. My dog has figured out that my SO and I find it cute when he lays his head flat on our laps/the couch/whatever surface is convenient while he begs for a bite of our food. My SO decided to tie a command to that without thinking it through. What’s the command, you ask?

  38. "You want some food?!" will immediately elicit the loudest bark in the room by several thousand decibels. It will be indistinguishable.

  39. Hahah I was wondering if anyone else would be utilising this same trick. Same, same but different - "are you hungry!?". Guaranteed reaction from our boy!

  40. Aside from just calling her name, yeah. I'd just say "pee pee and poopy" and she'd come running to go play outside.

  41. My dog would know me for a start. So you would need to blindfold her. I think if she was younger it would be hard. But at 12 she has blemishes in unique places. I would know her instantly

  42. all i have to do is yell out ‘who’s there’ and see which one starts screaming until i give him a treat.

  43. Bold of you to assume she wouldn't find me first and start shaking in excitement with her weird golden retriever fear of the world

  44. For my moose - say the word “grass.” He gets so excited and I’m not sure why. For my Mochi - say “I have a question.” She always freezes and listens to what you’re gonna ask (walk/outside/treat/dinner)

  45. If it were Fizz my mini poodle - i'd look for the dog thats doing a happy dance when I walk in the room (she has a special dance she only does when she sees me).

  46. Unfortunately my dog would be the one trying to kill all the other dogs, which would make her obvious straight away. Although she'd probably die so that's not so good. I'm happy to keep this hypothetical as it is and never try it for real. Of course, if she wasn't attacking for some reason, she'd immediately come to me which would help with distinguishing her.

  47. My one dog is bilingual she speaks both Spanish and English so I would be able to call her. The other one would be lost forever. He is as dumb as a stone, derping his way through life.

  48. I’d shout ‘what ya doin snarls?” for my dog Zuko. And ‘Where’s my chonky fluff butt’ for my dog Sokka.

  49. My pup loved to stand between knees and receive butt skritches. You could call him over by taking a wide stance, bending down, and looking through your legs at him. He'd be the only one who'd run over at Mach 2.

  50. My dog went missing for eleven days. When we got her back some non-dog friend of ours asked “ How do you know it’s her?” I thought this was the most ignorant comment ever. When we got her back, she was glued to my husband’s side. Even if he got up to walk across the room she was glued to him.

  51. Yes, mine will be the one hiding in the corned whining under his breath because it’s probably before 6am and I have the audacity of not being awake.

  52. I’d get the can of whip cream, give it a little squirt into my mouth and he would be by my side before I looked back up.

  53. I'd literally just have to go "ay, where are ya, Stupid?" And he would start freaking put and squeaking with excitement

  54. When I went to pick up my pup for the first time. I had an option between 4 of them. The one I chose is the first one to approach me and knock me over.

  55. She's very receptive to speech, so she "understands" a lot of words and sentences that aren't very common commands. Same for names.

  56. Yeah my dog has a broken back and drags his lower half. It would be hard to find 99 tricolor aussies with that particular affliction

  57. I just have to wait for the Rottweiler who acts like a cat rubbing himself all over me and pushing his way through my legs haha

  58. I'd ask them all if they wanted a Whimzee and see which one starts kicking his back legs and whining when I don't move to grab one after 10 seconds.

  59. This is easy. I would listen to loud noises and look out for a dog stumbling about everything. Well, after he finally decided to wake up. His breed is supposed to be high energetic and elegant. He isn't.

  60. I show my boy in breed specific conformation shows (ASCA) When your breed comes in 4 colors and there’s 100 of them in a park…I can spot him! 💕🐶

  61. What kind of question is that? If my mother walked in to a room full of identical copies of me she would not find me.

  62. My babies would smell me before i enter the room. And if they don't (which is impossible), I would recognize them by their distinguishing features and smell.

  63. One of mine has a specific scar. It's hidden to most people but once I point it out, you can never unsee it. That's where he got surgery to remove a lump after the fine needle aspiration didn't work and it doubled in size in a week. It was harmless but I didn't want to take a risk as cancer grows fast. No fur grows there and its covered by his top coat. Plus I can always pick him out even amongst other dogs.

  64. I had a beagle and we would go on beagle meetups and I could always tell him apart by the way he moved and definitely his voice.

  65. My boy has acted like a grumpy old man since he was 6 months old so I'd just look for the angry one. That or I'd sit down and whichever dog comes to sit on my lap is probably him. If I'm standing up, he'll try to sit on my foot just so he can sit on some part of me. Idk why he does it, but I love it

  66. My girl always lays down and does a dumb face as soon as I start petting her. Other than that, as cringe as it might sound, I think by her smell

  67. Mine would find me instantly for treats. Also, there are parts of my dog's body that I doubt any other dog could duplicate.

  68. On the sure fire side, my roommate and I taught our dog to “Rex” up on his hind legs, which is probably an unusual enough command to work.

  69. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure, and I'd be a little scared and awed to see 100 Molly lookalikes. I DNA tested her and it came back with thirteen different breeds. Having 100 oddly proportioned one-eyed scruffs looking back at me might be the thing that topples me into madness. (I love my Molly scruff, I do, but she's also not the best looking dog but I tell her she's beautiful every day.)

  70. No because it’s be a room of goldens and at least half of them would be aggressively friendly so there’s be no hope of finding mine.

  71. I'd show my one eyed guy a ball or squeak a toy. Something about his crazy looking facial expression that I've never seen on another dog. Almost named him Mad Eye Moody.

  72. I do a special type of whistle that only my dog listen or I would hold out a carrot because my dog goes crazy for them

  73. She would be the only silent and un-husky husky. If that doesn't work, I would use my parents cat to find her, as he thinks my girl is his mom

  74. He’d find me. He’s completely codependent on me and would leap like a flying idiot over everyone else to get to me. Malinois life lol

  75. "Heel." Then he'd be sitting at my left side. Easy. Then again he might also be busy trying to sniff butts. We're working on his attention span.

  76. By his bark. I have 3 small dogs and I can tell each one by their bark. All three would rush me too. My kids once described them as my satellites.

  77. Yes but it would take some time because she would absolutely ignore me no matter how many times I called her name until three hours later when she wanted to go home.

  78. Yes, it would be the one strlaring at me like I had committed a crime, offended to be in a room with so many peasants and making me feel guilty af to have put him in that situation (even if I didn't).

  79. The one sniffing my pant leg insistently and snorting a little as she goes. Thankfully she's not knee high so most don't mind but she does not give up until she has fully checked you out. She trusts me more but her dad comes home from even taking the garbage out she's on him seeing if he has been with any other puppies.

  80. In a room with a hundred dogs there will inevitably be fights. The one that goes in between to separate the opponents and scold them, that's my boy.

  81. Yes, I would just start petting a dog. He'd get jealous immediately and run up and put himself between me and the other dog. Literally does this every time I start petting another dog at the dog park. If none of them immediately came running up to me, that means I just luckily picked my Georgie!

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