What potential do you see with dogelon?

  1. Why holding till 80? If im gonna wait till im 80 to take profit, why even do it where’s the fun in that? Or do you want to leave something behind for children etc?

  2. Crypto is volatile if you look at this coin it was dead for months then rise all of the sudden I think it will do so again on an decent market rise not sure how big it will go so u have to decide for yourself if you wanna be here for that or not.

  3. Recommend you do a deeper research than just glance at the token website. Cool things happening at Elongevity, pushed by the largest holder (Methuselah foundation).

  4. Elongevity was created by the methuselah foundation and not the creators of dogelon. I agree their research will be a big deal someday. As far as the coin goes they have no control over it. The devs of dogelon are apparently gone. They never make any updates. They have no roadmap. There is actually no fundamental information out there

  5. Might as well hold it till at least you can get even or more money when you sell it cause what’s the point in buying it

  6. The coin us consistently moving in price. That alone is a good sign considering the nature of crypto currency. Just know what you are here for and don't follow popular trends. This is your future.

  7. I am already 64. I am not literally holding till 80. What I meant was I still expect to hold long term. If it hits .001 I retire with $1 million. Otherwise I could be working till 75 or maybe even 80.

  8. You are all nuts, I hold over 90 billion and I know there is nothing there. I have been in Elon longer than all of you and remember the day I should have dumped this pig!!!! Thank God I put 20,000 bucks in Luna classic in May and it is now over 400,000. Not investment advice but without a dev team instituting a burn, this shitcoin is done for. Not trying to be a downer and I know the markets are down but there has been no push for utility here in 18 months. Just dump it

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