Dogecoin getting strong in a bear market

  1. Jesus, I have just for the first time in my life felt actually old. Introducing Kim Dotcom, but then also as a pump & dumper lmao I still remember the 9gag posts from when he got raided

  2. With the Recent jump in price from 6.5 to 8-8.5 Cents per doge, and the FTX explosion. Doge not falling to an all time low is a GREAT sign that dogeCoin has strength! I was expecting Doge To fall a ton after FTX con, however, it has not. DogeCoin keeping more of its gain than BitCoin, LiteCoin, and ETH.... Its showing me theres mUcH sTroNg in the little dogie

  3. Tbf, the fact that doge coin actually has been able to stabilise at a low price that is still significantly above zero with little volatility would make it a better digital currency than the majority of crypto…

  4. This is a pattern and it reflects every time china bans crypto mining, then it dips, then it LEGALIZES IT AGAIN then it rockets to new heights and thats a 3 year pattern. The only thing that ever hit zero is those GOVERNMENT BACKED STABLE COINS, the whole point of crypto was to get away from federal scams and over taxed FIAT. Is it really a surprise that LUNA went broke? Not if u pay attention.

  5. Crypto has not been around long enough to make solid analysis from patterns. The market moves with the big coin. Not even the 2nd largest market cap has decoupled from that.

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