Is this type of sodium hydroxide ok to use for extraction

  1. Absolutely. I've done many many extractions over past few years and that's literally the only kind I've ever bought. It's what was available to me when I started. And now after using it a bunch a times I know it good to go. And it's cheap. It's kinda crazy where I get it they require approval to buy super glue, spray paint, and a couple other not that dangerous things. But not one word about this. Ever lol. Good luck

  2. I agree with diablo. Drain cleaner generally has other shit in it besides lye,and we all know that advertising is nearly always misleading, so i myself wouldn't use it. But hey,if you can't get anything else and you're desperate,,whadya do. So smoke up those tasty and highly dangerous added chemicals and enjoy being a statistic lol

  3. Yes it will work… but seriously, why? Do you really want to smoke drain cleaner? Go online and find lab grade… aka clean stuff.

  4. It's Sodium hydroxide, which is made from salt. Salt can contain traces of heavy metals, but you wash them out during extraction. There should be no other additive, not like Sodium Bicarbonate, where they add stuff to keep it in powder form.

  5. They use drano to make meth I wouldn’t use it to make deems it’s too sacred to be chemically mixed with this crap lol

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