best paying dividend stocks at a discount right now. what are your opinions?

  1. You joke but your probably right or not far off. Chip demand will be insane but even with the CHIP+ act I’m curious to see where companies really buy them from. Probably still over seas

  2. I have built up a nice position of INTC and the lower prices have brought the yield up quite a bit. With their growth plans the price should appreciate well. In the meantime, I will DRIP the dividends and watch them execute.

  3. I've held this co for a long time, def would buy more. No clue why the guy says strong no? All chip stocks are a buy right now IMO.

  4. SBUX has a low yield (2.5%), but their dividend growth is solid and has treated me well. I don't own MMM, but good yield and little growth; they have been beat down compared to normal which is getting me close to buy a few shares.

  5. $5000 will get you 100 shares in IEP. $2 per share dividend every quarter will give you $200 in the first quarter to reinvest and get a nice little snowball gain for a couple years. Not sure if it's worth going long term, pretty high dividend aye lol

  6. They seem to have a consistent payout and have slowly raised the divy over the years but their financials don’t look that great. What do you like about them or is it just the yield?

  7. I can concur. I have ENB as of now divi is solid, fuel prices are dropping. Hmmm I wonder what that’ll do to production and shipping😉😉

  8. Uhhh id say nothing really at a discount when it comes to the strongest ones, wait until Friday or market open to see the drop after the GDP recession news

  9. Can’t wait for these responses! 2 candidates- MPW with >7% yield, 50% price upside back to 52 week high and customers are hospitals (they are going to pay their bills), and automatic annual rent escalators to mitigate rate increases. NEP - 3.7% yield, 10% discount to 52 week high, and committed to 12-15% annual distribution increase through 2025.

  10. I'm UK based and been buying Rio Tinto shares recently ticker symbol RIO because they are at less that £50 a share and have a massive dividend

  11. They have sending signs of cutting their dividend. Even with the cut based a 2x a year payout, that is still 9% yield. Reinvest that for huge snowballs in the future. This is a company that you don’t worry about it reducing its dividend. With 1 billion people joining the middle class on this planet, they will all want what RIO mines out of Mother Earth.

  12. Why would you invest 5k in cheap stocks? Why not buy o, 3m , ko. Don't go cheap buy good companies. T is pretty good at these prices but I wouldn't put too much

  13. Why would you buy the worst drink maker in a market where people are more and more aware of their health with a PE of 27? Plenty of reits with higher yields and better value, lmao

  14. The cyclic nature of the automotive industry just gives me high blood pressure. Something always seems to be going wrong. I like what Farley is doing but can’t deal with the stress

  15. I like BX too. Also, check out RILY. Divi is 8% and I read recently that they are shooting to become the next Berkshire Hathaway. CAGR has averaged about 18% over the past 10 years.

  16. T People have mixed feelings but it’s trading at 10x fcf which should grow to $20 billion over the next 5 ish years, maybe sooner if they decide to sacrifice growth. That means if they payed out most of their fcf in 5 years you could have a 15% dividend yield on cost.

  17. KMI, good yield price decent. Good company. But use your due diligence in any company. KMI is one of my passive income retirement companies

  18. Genuinely curious why everyone is saying INTC when it’s paying .36 cents a share and ZIM paid 2.85 cents a share last quarter and they are both close to the same price. ZIM also pays a huge dividend around 5x their quarterly at the end of the year. Check div history.

  19. I don’t mind psec that much. I see you are getting downvoted too shit. However with Psec you know exactly what you are getting and they have been holding value pretty well in this wild market

  20. If I were you I would develop a screener for dividend stocks that lasts until December this year, and put forth 50% cash position to just save and wait until december, while the other 50% starts building some monthly payers and long term positions with solid pay history.

  21. Persimmon (PSN). House builder in the UK. Even with uncertain conditions I think demand will stay pretty strong, and their div is currently about 10%!

  22. TDS stock (telephone and data systems) due to it being a ridiculous asset play that no one seems to talk about. (Their market cap is 1.8B yet have 6.7B in equity on the balance sheet.) equity has only trended higher over the years too.

  23. ZIM, GOGL, VALE, BHP, RIO are very high yielding and have low PE. DD required for determining sustainability. Since they are foreign companies they are in general subject to more risk. STAG, MPW, O are also fairly popular but also more expensive.

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