¿Puede ayudarme a practicar hablar español mientras tomo un café?

  1. You are born and what ever happens at the end and you have to be happy with your underwear and loving you.

  2. I have managed to stay out of trouble recently, but around corner from me a few hours ago dude got in argument with wife went inside got gun a blew his head off.

  3. My dad died two months ago and I’m trying to feel okay and to do things for others and it’s what he taught me.

  4. another thing, we have something with female and male words, for example: la banana (the banana) is a female word because there's "a" in it.

  5. if you want to speak in past the word will end with "o" example: se me ha olvidado, yo he bailado, hemos bailado, etc

  6. they were asking me about prices on items and i was like but no sir, what is the actual meaning of life, what is reality

  7. yeah once i took a ton of peyote at night and the next morning i was still hallucinating a shit load and i had life changing converstations with every customers at my cash registers

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