what is the name you've given your ghost? mines is lilmuffin

  1. Reading this thread made me realize in my 4 years of playing Destiny 2 that i never named him, i just called him Ghost the entire time

  2. Same, I’ve looked at that ghost for like 2500 hours and never even thought to name em. I guess it’s time to think of one!

  3. On the way back to my apartment I stop at D’Agostino’s, where for dinner I buy two large bottles of Perrier, a six-pack of Coke Classic, a head of arugula, five medium-sized kiwis, a bottle of tarragon balsamic vinegar, a tin of crême fraiche, a carton of microwave tapas, a box of tofu and a white-chocolate candy bar I pick up at the checkout counter.

  4. OH I love these headcannon questions Hunter: NorthStar because of all the sparrow accidents he has gotten into (also segira shell) Titan: spark plug Warlock: Broccoli RAB (roundabout)

  5. Whenever I'm feeling down, I just try to imagine an alternate timeliness where we got to hear Peter Dinklage get excited about a vex milk waterfall

  6. My Warlock's Ghost is named Ordis after the snarky ship AI from Warframe (Seeing as how I based my Warlock off of Harrow)

  7. Depends on which Guardian. I retcon parts of their backstories so much that details, (including the names of their Ghosts) r always changing. My Warlock's Ghost is just Ghost. My Hunter's Ghost is currently Fireblade (in the middle of renaming her Ghost) and my Titan's Ghost is currently Erjak (but may rename).

  8. I call mine "Ah shit" because I say it every time I either: Die, forgot champ mods in a lost sector or get my sparrow blown up, and he shows up every time

  9. I haven’t really thought about it. Usually whenever I can’t think of a name for something in a game I just call it butt muncher. So I guess my ghost’s name is butt muncher now

  10. Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam, but I just call him Akon for short.

  11. Michael because I’m a titan and I remember when I was young we went to the zoo and there was a lion called Michael the lion and one day he died and I now have the essence of Michael in my ghost with me everyday

  12. Buddy. And it’s the same ghost for all 3 guardians, to me they’re the same person, who has three aspects based on what the job requires. The ghost just pulls whichever form is needed.

  13. Cyra, a name I came up with years ago for a short story in school, come to find out it’s an actual name, one of its meanings is Born in the Light or Sun, so it fits perfectly

  14. Index. He’s effectively the catalogue of her collection through which she can access everything and keep track of it in a list. He helps store all of her information, artifacts, weapons, and even armour so that she can focus on other things. He even has built in reminders for cleaning and instructions for maintenance for everything

  15. My warlock main ghost is named Vega, after the star. Little back story of me calling the ghost a "weird fuckin star thing" back in D1 and I stuck to it. Uses the true north star too.

  16. I named mine Max, way back in D1. I miss when he'd reminisce about the day he found us in the Cosmodrome. Such a cute interaction, and on a Fallen Ketch no less

  17. Chico (pronounce "Cheekow"). After a famous comic character from Brazil named Chico Bento, who wears a straw hat just like the one on Cabana Shell

  18. Mai. I have the Daito Bunny shell and I am a huge fan of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

  19. Nivek, because if you flip it around it spells kevin, 2 which is my bird, it sounds cool and I love my bird, so it fits well

  20. Ghost asks other characters to call them Ghost, I think it would be unfair to call them anything else. But if I did name them, I would probably go along the lines of Glints old name. Maybe scrambled egg. I think my hunter would definitely call them omelette du fromage

  21. Because of my Exo Hunter Needle-13. I originally named it Strand, but now that that's the 2nd darkness subclass, I'm probably going to have to change to Thread.

  22. Exodus, because after u fall off the ship in the first mission and meet up with your ghost the word EXODUS appears in the bottom left so I thought that meant it was his name

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