For those that say it's too hard

  1. I think many of the people complaining about LFG have had shitty LFG interactions and are loathe to try it again. Hell, **I've** had multiple shitty/racist/sexist/thirsty LFG interactions. I don't let that stop me but I sympathize with those that want to avoid it.

  2. Ive been playing since d1, the d2 community is toxic asf....and that is a major issue. I love to help ppl outside of clan because I know it is so toxic. Its still a mystery to me why this is as I also play warframe and another game that requires outside help an its so night and day how ppl treat players on those games compared to destiny

  3. you’re missing the point. if everyone on lfg searches for this no mic anyway, why not just make it matchmaking? this is an unnecessary step that is annoying for the user

  4. After like 5 runs of duality, I always post/join no mic LFGs. If worst comes to worst, I'll text chat that I'm going to do a certain role. Most of the time people will figure out what's missing and just fill the role they need.

  5. I actually ran my first master ketchcrash tonight by setting up my own LFG. It’s been a while since I’ve done an LFG because of the toxic people I’ve had to deal with before.

  6. Plus if there isn't you can make one and there will be loads wanting to do the same thing. I started lfg to get the rat king year 1 because I had no friends now I'm raiding on the regular with strangers

  7. Fun fact I just learned a few weeks ago, it's loath. Loathe and loath are two different words and if you are loath to do something then you don't want to do it, but you can loathe doing aomething

  8. But where. Im dying to see such people. The worst i had was a dude just trying to take lead of the group in the minute he joined and once we said nah we wont do ut that way he instantly said dumbasses and left. That was a 5 min interaction.

  9. I Never understand the argument “I have two children and can only play for one hour once a week” like okay thank you for announcing you have terrible time management skills

  10. I’m a primarily solo player and I’m tired of bungie pushing multiplayer aspects in my MMOFPS. I want the power fantasy to solo everything in the game because I paid for it.

  11. I search for fireteams with no mic required. I'm not confident enough to talk in english with people I never saw in my life. I'm Brazilian and my English is not that good... You know.

  12. You can filter posts to only include the language of your choosing. Portuguese is an option. You'll probably just find less total activities though

  13. Besides raids any activity can be found here and most of the time with a no mic required. As a mostly solo player myself I do this every week for pinnacles.

  14. I think the whole quest the last two weeks being way easier to do in Master is just a ploy to try and get more people to take that first step and use lfg

  15. So does this actually bring you in game to that guardians fireteam or are there more hoops to jump through to do this?

  16. If you join a group, the leader will invite you. If you start a group, a little invite all button shows up and all you have to do is press it.

  17. Bungie won't add matchmaking to activities that cab result in failure. Anything with extinguish (every master mode activity) will never have it for the reason of random messing it up and ruining the run for everyone.

  18. I feel like people who complain about LFG, never actually do LFG. MAYBE, I have incredible luck, but all 46 of my VoW clears have been through LFG, and some of those are Sherpa runs. Kings Fall, I’m on 9 clears and all of those are LFG’s. Gilded conqueror, strictly LFG. I genuinely don’t know what the issue is with LFG services

  19. The only reason I don't do it more is because sometimes I don't want to or can't deal with weird comments and harassment. Being a woman in gaming is rough, even in a generally not sexist community.

  20. So much truth to this. I used to be one of those people who complained about doing LFG for anything.... then I actually tried it.

  21. Cause half the LFG groups I’ve joined have either resulted in 4-5 hour raids or they’re extremely toxic, or the fireteam is just incapable of beating the encounter so people leave. Mostly only noticed the people leaving in KF around totems and war priest

  22. Had 1 bad LFG interaction but I still always use it. Guy was the kinda funny weird. Made weird jokes but nothing too far. Our clan leader invited him to the clan because he was good at pvp. She kicked him out 2 days later and told us he was sending her dms of inappropriate thing and tying to flirt and get her snap chat. Yall single guys are thirsty as hell. You hear a squeak from a female and go crazy.

  23. Nobody. No one says it's too hard, it's just people don't want to do it and the normal way is tedious, so players are turnd off of it.

  24. Admittedly used to be a chore what with all the friend requests and join codes but it's super-simple with Bungie names.

  25. I feel like there is a version of destiny you all play that I don’t what’s two hard? What is this one about. Granted I don’t play in a fireteam i play by myself, but what’s hard? What is this about? What the hell is happening with this seemingly old UI?

  26. You can change your settings if you only want see posts from your own platform. Cross play let's you play with people on any other system though

  27. Does anybody know why my mobile app always says the fireteam is closed/full? I can only get it to work on the desktop app

  28. Are you talking about joining other people’s groups? If so, that’s because they already have enough people for the activity and there isn’t anymore slots to apply for.

  29. My friend didn’t know about the app and I finally showed it to him and his life changed He went from hating the game to loving it all over again

  30. dear God not minimal social interaction. please I beg don't make me run a single champion mod aswell 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. Last week did a load of master no issue , this week no one reviving or helping wiv the room objective rubbing in like it's a 1300 strike

  32. Literally brought my 1560 buddy through one who thought he was too low but I told him we’ll have 6 people who won’t even talk or care it’s fine and things went swimmingly I feel bad for those with social anxiety afraid to lfg but half of these activities you don’t even have to talk in

  33. Did not know the app had that functionality. I mainly just play with matchmaking whenever I do stuff that has you in a fireteam, but this is quite useful. Thanks

  34. Please explain how pressing three buttons in an app, or copying and pasting a join code from discord, is a mental challenge. Like, I seriously don't get it. If you have the mental capacity to actually complete a master ketchcrash, how is the process of joining a group more difficult?

  35. I've had way more good experiences on the app off than the discord or reddit for LFG where literally no one is up for anything, the only situation that stands out from an app group was when a guy was getting pissed because someone had a speech impediment for which he was kicked like 5 minutes in and replaced in 2

  36. Yeah, that can happen, not often, but it can sure. So, make your own post. Nothing is stopping ya, and then you cant be kicked from it cause its yours.

  37. Like I'm 1580 light and People don't even bat an eye and have carried me twice thanks to those kind People I keep my story progressing.

  38. It's not about that, new quest came out yesterday. Complete five Ketchcrashes and Master KC gives extra points, completing it instantly.

  39. I still stand by the fact you shouldn't have to leave the game up play the game. It's literally just matchmaking with extra steps. Also, did you record this with a spud?

  40. I see people say their social anxiety is so high they literally can't group with others out of fear of failure, even with no mics.

  41. On PC you can mute by hovering their card in orbit and pressing F I believe. Theres gotta be an equivalent for console I bet

  42. Your right it isn't hard, however there are those out there who are new, shy, anxious or have had really bad LFG experiences. To just say that it's not hard and everyone needs to stop complaining is harsh.

  43. There is absolutely no reason to not have master nf matchmaking or ketchcrash master matchmaking. We don't even have legend for nf and it's ez af. Everyone knows to run loadouts with correct mods I've literally never had a team that couldn't complete a legend or master nf. It's annoying to have to use the app for everything when bungie could just easily enable matchmaking and let us roll the dice with our teammates how does that negatively impact the people who want to lfg? They can still lfg... same goes for dungeons they ain't that hard and most people could figure it out just matchmaking into it. Weapons shouldn't lock in case a noob doesn't know they need certain weapons and whoever is in the know can inform them to change their loadout if they end up struggling. Solo players get locked behind a matchmaking wall and it's bs most of us kwtd we just don't like small talk or feel the need to communicate to get things done. I've gone flawless in trials even several times with no mics or communications. Ppl who claim u need these are weak.

  44. “Everyone knows to ???” This is a huge asumption, most often than not the fireteam would fail the activity ( Or take ages to complete ), and the overall experience would suck.

  45. The best part is you don’t even need teammates to have the mods equpped, you can just equip the mods yourself and handle all the champions. This entirely disrupts the entire argument surrounding this but people don’t seem to realize that for whatever reason. If an entire fireteam matchmakes and nobody in it has the right champion mods on then they deserve to fail. Could even put a permanent pop up over their screens once a player wipes on a champion that they need to have the corresponding champion mod equipped to combat this enemy that doesn’t go away until they equip the mod.

  46. Isn't true for all LFGs. You are making a mountain out of a molehill. Something like Ketchcrash usually gets an "r" for "ready" in the chat at most.

  47. i mean I did master ketchcrash with a random lfg team I found discord and I was 1565 light as I took a break from the game and I didn’t die once so it’s really not that hard tbh, plus doesn’t really matter if you keep on dying , there are five more people doing the activity

  48. Classic, downvoted for actually having bad experiences with LFG as if its wrong or cant happen! Its perfect and works fine.

  49. Might I ask what system? I play on xbox and sometimes I have this issue. Usually it is after long play sessions and a quick restart of the game fixes it. Also I have run into people asking for more members than they need and just not inviting everyone(very annoying and wastes people's time).

  50. If I click join it doesn't do anything on my computer. I have to type out the long string of numbers into my chat window.

  51. My only comment on this is that I routinely run into issues getting fireteam invites when I try to join groups. I almost always have to start my own in order to get a group. Other than that though it works pretty good.

  52. I would be one of those people that would have the same post. No mic, chill, dgaf just complete. It’s really that easy.

  53. I will say, I got pretty annoyed last night with trying to complete the quest, but it wasn’t even because 5 normal Ketch Crashes are hard or time consuming, it’s because MY INTERNET WOULDNT STAY CONNECTED. I just got pissed and gave up

  54. why do people need to use a 3rd party app, that they 1, have to even know it exists, and 2, have to then download and use on their phone, to complete a quest step for the fucking story. like why does every shit take devolve into a million ways in which its not bungie fault for simply making a poorly designed quest step

  55. It's... the official Destiny 2 app my guy. And no one HAS to do this... you can just do 5 normal matchmade Ketchcrash runs if taking 30 seconds to join an LFG is too much work for you.

  56. you don’t need the app. if you want the convenience that the app provides then get it if not don’t download it.

  57. I've done 4(?) Master Ketchcrashes at 1575+, with 8-10 of that power coming from the artifact bonus. All no mic runs

  58. I started doing master ketchcrash and nightfall at 1585 no mic with 0 fails. I get what you are saying though as some people really do just kick anyone below certain power levels. Power level does not always equal skill or competence though so I hope they end up with bad players.

  59. I'll try this tomorrow morning to test the water. LFG is a shit show in general, but maybe in this one instance it'll be great.

  60. My friend didn’t know about the app and I finally showed it to him and his life changed He went from hating the game to loving it all over again

  61. Did this, 4/5 I tried to join had an unresponsive leader, took me a long ass time to get into one, and the one I was in everyone was an idiot. I get that there are good times in lfgs, but almost every single one I’ve ever joined has been sucky, including this most recent one

  62. But I’m not even close to 1590 or whatever the LL requirement is, one thing I have always struggled with as purely a solo player is upping my LL quickly

  63. You dont do Master because you’re scared of LFGs, I dont do Master because I dont wanna deal with champions and match game, we are not the same.

  64. There’s literally a whole clan feature implemented in the game, find one with cool people. I know if so many clans recruiting for pve content. I think some of these people like suffering and not trying to help themselves.

  65. NOW YOU DID IT!!!… If they say its too hard … that means there from “generation participation trophy” and their soft skin will irritate if they see this LMAO!!!

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