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  1. There's also another pair of two halves (like in the picture) right by where you jump from too, hinting that as well. ;)

  2. I'm on a series S and the backwards strat only works for me maybe 1 in 10 tries. I just stopped going for it since I can line up the ball everytime and not have to worry about running all the way back to the launcher.

  3. I’m almost always able to hit the jump and literally just fly over the whole circle by timing my warlock glide right, I never thought it would be because of high frames but could that be why? Edit: on a rtx 3060 usually staying around 165 fps

  4. I capped my frames at 90 to avoid funky physics issues and you're right. I never miss when going backwards, it's a guaranteed strat.

  5. Wollt das Spiel eigentlich schon lang auf englisch stellen aber ohne den Synchronsprecher vom Drifter/Vagabund kann ich nicht mehr leben.

  6. I didn't even notice the entire sphere thing, I just noticed the half ball and figured out when an opening is there its time to jump. Turns out all the openings have the other half of the sphere.

  7. And the platform moving side to side in there? Just walk straight on it. No need to jump or move sideways with it.

  8. If only peaple were patient enough to wait for others like honestly ive lost that buff so many fucking times because of peaple starting the encounter and i get the joining allies teleportation

  9. I would've thought by now people would've found out/been told, by the look of the comments apparently not! lol

  10. I shoot at it to try and get people to notice. I shoot the whole sphere next to the launcher, then the hemispheres at the entrance.

  11. I hate it when someone goes a hair early and hits the blockade causing them to bounce back and knock you off target 😵‍💫

  12. I just go for it. If the Starhorse allows my passage to the upper obstacle course, then I have been blessed. If not, then so be it.

  13. This. I've ran atleast six dares since I learned this and it works Everytime. Walk into it backwards and just look straight ahead, no jumping.

  14. I had it fail a couple times while looking at it. Now I just walk up to it looking at my feet and it hasn't failed since. It's glorious.

  15. Oh that's what it is? I just lined up the opening to when it's pretty much 90 degrees, but I guess that's the same thing

  16. Is it a depth perception or timing thing? I’m only asking because after being griefed by clan mates for Heat Rising through jumping puzzles I switched to the Hunter and also had no issues. Same with being Hunter or Warlock and the Dares jump.

  17. Or if you are a warlock/titan just hit jump at the apex of the flight path to soar straight into the upgrade. It’s super easy.

  18. You can also just walk backwards and keep holding the analog stick in the backwards walk position until you hit the wall.. you’ll go over that entire structure every time and land for starhorses favour.

  19. or.. or and hear me out. you dont do this. and instead replace the laws of our universe with your own cooler set: deciding instead to walk backwards into the jump pad. this results in you always making it over regardless 99% of the time

  20. Backwards is Frame rate dependent. I've only gotten it to work a handful of times on Series S, even spent some time with a couple buddies trying to get it to work consistently and the best I could get it was like 1 out of 10 tries

  21. If you fly at the peak, you could also make it over. Not as consistent and only works for warlock from my knowledge

  22. I thought those instructions sounded like Rush lyrics, then I realized I mashed two separate songs together in my head.

  23. For the first few weeks of dare’s I didn’t even know there was a demisphere and managed to get my timings down just based off of which way the triangle was facing haha

  24. You make the jump 95% of the time if you just do it backwards and jump if you feel your back hit something.

  25. As a Warlock you can jump over the whole thing with Strafe Glide (as long as you don’t hit the hemispheres). Just start gliding when you reach the highest altitude on the jump and you’ll always go over it.

  26. IMO I think the moving bridge with obstacles after the launcher is worse. The amount of times I’ve tried to tell people to just relax and wait during those legendary dares runs……

  27. Just use blink for your jump, and when your at max height, activate it. You go over 100% of the time. Doesn’t help if you don’t want to use arc or are a titan though…

  28. What can't you just look away from the launch pad and always make it? That's what I used to do anyway.

  29. Alternatively, you can jump once the first third of the smaller flat semicircle has passed, works 100% of the time for me

  30. I used to not know this and just manage to hit the top and go over anyway, then my smooth brain formed a rinkle and saw that a few months ago

  31. And more important: don't activate your jump while still traveling towarf the cave. Save it im case you hit the stones, as it might give you a chance to save recover and reach the ledge! :)

  32. Goated. Thanks! I’ve been back probably a month now, and I just try to take a wild guess and jump at different times lol.

  33. I always shoot the sphere every time I play and go last, but people never make the connection and smack the wall and disconnect.

  34. Barely found this out 2 weeks ago and it’s pretty good info. My xur ship grind made me just go by circle rotation and momentum travel time.

  35. I hate doing these cuz people get so frustrated with me but i genuinely do not do well with puzzles. I stress out and cry.

  36. I just go through backwards and it shoots my guardian over it🤷‍♂️ I carry a sword and light attack to skip plate forms and just for the 3rd person view

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