3rd person DoE

  1. Would love to run a dungeon or raid in this perspective. As is I keep my Throne Cleaver on me just to be in third person.

  2. Honestly same. It really wouldn’t work in my opinion just because of how this game works but I’d be lying if I I said didn’t want this as an option in PvE.

  3. Personally I’d love for perspective switching while aiming, like in Ghost Recon Wildlands, or 1st person for scoped weapons and 3rd person for weapons without a scope of any kind

  4. This guy is playing Destiny 2 in third person without using a sword, relic etc. And that is your first question?

  5. One time during a last wish raid this happened, lasted until we had a wipe. Works pretty good actually and wish I had the option to play like this.

  6. This is dope, give it a reticle and it can actually be a game mode. Would make putting all the effort into your character actually worth it!

  7. Would be cool to have a 3rd person view but I feel like bungies first person shooting is so good I'd never use it

  8. this has happened a handful of times to me with the barricade, but it always goes away in 10 seconds or so. neat

  9. omg this will be awesome since my friend wants to play this game so badly but can't handle 1st person shooting due to motion sickness

  10. When the amount of jumping and platforming sections, they need to make 3rd person an option. Every single thing has some sort of jumping area or stupid holes in the floor and you can't see where you're going. Grab into a ledge? lol nah just bounce off

  11. So there’s rumors of more Destiny games, I’d love a more RPG oriented action 3rd person game. Maybe a game about taking control back from the hive and helping more eliksni tribes or eliminating the ones that wanna banner under rivals against the house of light.

  12. I had this happen when I left Eris’ portal on the moon when I pulled my sword out and switched back. It got fixed after a few moments looks cool though. I wish this was an actual option to use

  13. They need to make this an option. They already have most the work done we go third person while running around in Xur's treasure hoard the scorch cannons already have the aiming system mostly set up just put a bit of work into it an add tis as an option.

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