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  1. The other 90% is running NP hard algorithms in my brain to match up my best armor with the best exotic for the situation while hitting stat breakpoints and matching energy types to slot the best mods with the best guns and then making sure they’re at the highest light level. This is the reason I haven’t touched the game in a year.

  2. I cannot stress enough how much I hate the cap for prisms and ascendant shards. With the GMs being so farmable this season and my inventory being full all the time I’m currently just masterworking literally every single thing in my vault. Not complaining about the abundance of prisms and shards, but complaining about them not being stackable like come on

  3. If you have the room, you can just get trash exotics and masterwork them. Once you dismantle them, you'll get one back. Sure it's three, but it can act as a sort of mini bank in your vault

  4. just masterwork the exotics and dismantle them next season if you wanna keep farming.....

  5. “Don’t use your postmaster like a vault” how about exotic tier items should never be pushed out by anything lower. Borderlands does it, why shouldn’t Destiny?

  6. Or maybe don't cap items at 1 or 10 when it's obvious that it can go to 999 at the very least.

  7. Just this week I lost a 36 stack of prisms to make room for blues. Why the fuck is this still happening Bungie?

  8. Yup. Give us a damn option to mark items as priority in postmaster; let me set Ascendant Shards / Alloys / Prisms as "Never push out"

  9. I have a question, I have extra upgrade modules and materials on the postmaster if I leave them there will they disappear when the next season begins?

  10. Oh boy, yup! I lost 50 prisms and 8 shards to the postmaster today thanks to 40 blues that showed up from I think a bonfire bash followed by a couple lost sectors.

  11. Had this happen to me. Had full prisms and shards and then like after doing 3 blind well runs it's full of blues and umbrals. So... back to grinding I go.

  12. I have been using the same high level roll armour I got from IB over a year ago. This season I did some tweaks to cap the Resilience, but other then that, there is absolutely no reason to change the armour set.

  13. I have so many ascendant shards and prisms from the GM that I actually ran out of glimmer and legendary shards multiple times just from reclaiming exotics to store them

  14. You sure this isn’t the other way around? I always have more shards at the beginning of the season than at the end.

  15. Reminder to use DIM to check your postmaster frequently if you’re storing shards so you don’t have to load into the tower and walk over just to check

  16. Just finished a round of the mindless well spring grind to get my final glaive, went to the tower and only once I’d landed I get the notification it’s over flowing. Lost all the shards and prisms I’d banked in there throughout the week :(

  17. The nightfall is dropping double rewards right now. So a lot of people (myself included) will have maxed Prisms and Ascendant Shards.

  18. Unless the game shares bytes of data for multiple objects to count, they should all cap out at 2.1b Some of these caps for resources are so absurd.

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