We have no need for such crude trinkets

  1. If phoenix dive gave restoration (without having to also consume a grenade in addition to a class ability) instead of cure I’d actually use it

  2. They butchered Phoenix and, frankly, it's non-existent to me. It could be so much better but it's a big do nothing without using a grenade charge, and that's asking far too much for what it's doing. Even stasis makes rifts freeze enemies without taking up an additional cool down.

  3. The actual healing over time for Rift is the same as restoration x1. The overshield is less, but the healing it does for your health and shields is the same.

  4. As someone who uses loreleys for the heal alone (did before this season), I forget classy restoration exists.

  5. I’ll be down with that when Titans and Warlocks stop moving faster than hunters. I feel like all the classes had their unique strengths in the beginning of D1 and those lines have blurred more and more with time.

  6. I use it with my syntho build. Nice for when the regular rest has lapsed or for master raids and stuff when you'd just like to be invulnerable against adds.

  7. Warlock main here. Rift is significantly worse than Hunter with classy. Lorely, in my opinion, is also more powerful than a rift as it requires no animation to proc.

  8. Yeah, but you can't just come right out and SAY that stuff - we have to let them THINK that we're better.

  9. Healing nades, hiding in cover, and using the ability that you are the only class that can properly dodge shots by jumping properly will be back. Or, rely on your team for healing, kill everything, or if solo just go invis. We'll have options, though I'd like something a bit more defensive.

  10. Starfire Warlock, chucking out grenade after shot after grenade in Empowering rift under lead storm, outhealing it with CR: We need more trinkets like this and an ornament for Starfire Protocol

  11. Wouldn't be a bad idea tbh, could compete with ophidians in pvp depending on the cooldown reduction scalar

  12. I've stacked up at least 2 melee wellmaker but I've even used 3. Don't need Amy grenade mods because my 8 solar wells from two dregs just gave it straight back lmao

  13. I personally don't think my class is the weakest but I think every class has stuff that vastly underperforms against each other for instance all the arc subclasses are garbage right now especially all being ad clear supers in a meta where you can just use a smg and everything explodes and the only super thats half decent is titan with the one exotic that makes the code of the missile do massive damage everything else isn't worth running

  14. Honestly I play all three of my classes and find them all to be exceptionally broken at the moment. None of my classes feel weak at all...

  15. Lorely splendor is rediculous and they know it. It turns their defence shield into a healing rift. Biggest bs I've ever seen.

  16. Classy restoration blows healing rift away. You basically have a mini well of radiance with it and empowering rift.

  17. Just started running a warlock with starfire protocol I believe it is. I got my well while I was in my well. I do like classy with the empowered rift though.

  18. I only use it on hunter. The healing I get when I dodge is great for harder stuff, especially for a below average player like myself lol I only play pve

  19. Idk, classy restoration has enabled me to use Phoenix dive and I enjoy it a ton, so I’ll have the trinkets as well thank you lol

  20. I've been using healing granades with 100 dis/res. It's pretty good with some mods and I won't miss classy res when it's gone.

  21. Would it be that suspicious if I said I've never touched it? Like maybe once to see what it did, but had no interest in it cause of the high cost.

  22. Healing rift does virtually nothing but jumpstart your healing. CR and sunspots make rift look like a novelty

  23. Ok but warlocks with classy + empowering rift is pretty nutty in solo stuff. Warlock mains feel free to disagree, Im just a goofy titan.

  24. Titans still got crazy good sunspots and loreley, hunter will have to use healing nades, which are great as well.

  25. Warlock classy restoration is pretty broken(Titans too) you can go close to the edge of the slope then go forward and press the class ability button at the edge(while still moving forward). This will cancel your class ability animation and cooldown BUT you'll get your restoration x2. I know its an expliot but in pve who cares

  26. I dont think I've used Classy at all on my Titan. Even w.o Loreleis, Well of Life & Hammers are just too goddamn good in PvE.

  27. Gonna miss classy on my hunter so much. However if your running classy on titan you need to eat more crayons brah. Bonk n heal. That's all that matters.

  28. I really dont need classy because i just kill ads really quick but it is nice to have if you need a quick Burst of health. But its not a need to have for my hunter build. I already have everything set classy just makes you last longer on the field. But its a whatever. If you can clear ads fast enough or stay behind cover like a normal person then you should be fine and don't need it. But its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it

  29. Me as a Warlock using Phoenix Dive and Classy Restoration being basically immoral everytime I use my class ability: signature look of superiority

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