Joined a KWTD CP and asked what everyone was doing...

  1. Dude, I wish they had it figured out. Half the time I come out Caretakers closet and see a shield Scorn just chillin’ on the totem.

  2. Came back from a hiatus and just learned vow this past week. Volunteered for every role I could and had a blast doing so - and now I can join KWTD groups and contribute.

  3. I facepalm every time I'm in a sherpa run and the 'sherpa' puts the new player(s) on add clear. They're not going to have very much fun, they're not going to learn, and they're still not going to have any idea of what they should be doing. Always put the new player(s) on the hardest roles, this is the way.

  4. Also makes you a valuable member of any raid lfg team as well, the atmosphere becomes way more positive if everyone is confident and knows what to do.

  5. I forced myself to learn dunking because I couldnt just clear adds all the time on rhulk. learned how to split by proxy so that was nice

  6. Generally I'll do my first 1-3 runs of a raid with a Sherpa before I feel comfortable doing regular LFG for it. My favourite Sherpas are the ones who say "I'm gonna make you do the mechanics roles" because it gives a better environment to learn the raid.

  7. Whenever I sherpa I always give the newbies the harder roles. If I do add clear I can focus on what's going wrong and also let's the build their understanding and confidence for the next time.

  8. I know. It's so much more fun when it feels like you play a real role. Why are you playing a Raid if you just want to add-clear? You can do that in literally any game mode.

  9. I honestly wish we had more encounters where add clear isn’t a role. All it does is allow some people to be lazy and never actually learn the fight

  10. It's why most people don't like garden (as well as the fact that their 1st run of garden usually is a div run when you really shouldn't do it as your first run but ok)

  11. Yeah, I enjoy the encounters where everyone has to do something. I'd stop short of saying "every fight," because they're more frustrating with weaker/newer players. DSC seemed to have a good mix going on. It's not free of criticism, but it was well done. That's why I was so surprised that every single fight in Vow can get by with 2+ "I don't know what I'm doing" add-clear + boss DPS roles.

  12. How would you go at that then? Last raid like that iirc would be King's Fall? Been so long honestly. Last Wish if done legit the whole way through can be challenging to designate as ad clear.

  13. This is why the second half of crown of sorrow was peak raiding. Everyone had to know what was going on, nobody got to just clear adds and nobody could only do the mechanics and ignore the ads. I think the gahlran fight and baby gahlran fight is one of, if not the best encounters ever because of this. If only the first half of the raid didn’t suck doodoo and the loot wasn’t near useless.

  14. I would be fine with people like that if they were willing to learn, I’ve met so many people who wanted to do the raid but only add clear and not learn it

  15. Day one caretaker gave me a degree in add clear. With witherhoard+sunbracers I almost completely solo it for my 5man group in normal (If I didn’t run double special I probably could completely solo, but we need the dps). In LFG normal nobody who add clears knows the spawns and I end up cleaning up the obelisk all the time. It’s a shame because it’s really satisfying if you commit fully but people just turn brain off and do a shit job.

  16. This is why my Vow completion rate is pretty low. Somewhere on the 10s. People just suck the fun right out of raiding by being lazy and not wanting to learn.

  17. Yea, the ppl that “aren’t good” at a role or give up too easily always erks me. If you have time to learn why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to do so?

  18. The problem with raids is there ends up being a group of people who know what to do and a lot of them are either too lazy or dont have the patience to teach it to someone so what ends up happening is there are people who are clueless to whats going on and so the only thing they feel comfortable doing is add clear.

  19. Anytime I do a teaching run and ask "so who wants to do what?" the first people to say "I'll clear adds" immediately volunteer themselves to learn mechanics.

  20. Always blows my mind how ppl can wipe on an encounter over and over but somehow not (sorta) learn other roles by proxy. Maybe I’m just a sponge, it’s just funny to pick at

  21. And that's much better than refusing to learn. On my 1st VOG run I had the sherpa and other guys with 20+ clears telling everyone to leave oracles to me. While even after like 3 clears I don't know how to do Gatekeeper properly, doing mechanics most of the time is a lot of fun.

  22. I love claiming the add clearing role and then just end up doing the encounter myself to confuse the shit out of people.

  23. I haven’t done a VoW where I have done a role other than ads lol.. and at this point I’m too scared to try another role

  24. I'm the weird one and actually like doing mechanics, so I end up feeling a little disappointed when all the roles are filled and all that's left is add clear. lol

  25. Worst thing is, Vow mechanics are so easy. Just have a little symbol sheet pulled up on your phone or a second monitor and it's cake

  26. When I do teaching runs, I always ask if anyone knows what to do so we have a baseline to work with. A couple say "yeah I've done this lots" or something to that effect" so I go "ok great. Can you do x so new person can do ads and watch what everyone else does?" "No I wanna clear ads" then leaves when newbie doesnt get it right first try.

  27. I mean, if you're teaching a raid to someone, why not actually teach them the mechanics? Placing them on ad clear is basically saying "I don't trust you to not fuck up, despite being new and not knowing this raid" in my eyes. If you're gonna teach, then teach. Don't just carry them through claiming it to be "teaching". Sorry, not sorry.

  28. my groups rule is that if anyone says adds, they are dq'd from being on adds for the rest of the raid. they can be adds for one encounter, but after that they gotta put in work

  29. I always wonder why you, as the host, would volunteer for ad clearing positions. Like, yeah, it’s an easy clear, but why?

  30. This is why when i sherpa i ALWAYS do ads so that way most of the actual KWTD roles are done by the people who need teaching

  31. I’m always willing to learn the other stuff, just hard to find people patient enough to walk it through with you

  32. If you say youre doing adds when my clan does raids you’re getting the most important job. You will learn, suffer, or leave.

  33. Ever since the witch queen came out I've been noticing this plaguing the lfg part of the game so much to the point where I always call people out on it, plus there have been way to many people trying to join with no Mic or communication and hoping to get away with it as well.

  34. Say what you will about Raid Lairs, but Crown of Sorrow did this right. I still think Gahlran is one of the best encounters in Destiny because everyone has to know what they are doing.

  35. And yet here's me who watches every raid on yt multiple times, knows all the encounters, symbols, mechanics, every single detail in theory, but have never done a raid in my life lmao

  36. I always run in caretaker now cause some people just don't want to and I actually like doing it and prefer it over the easier roles in the encounter. I'll do anything in the other encounters as well. Alot more fun that way for me.

  37. *joins friends and his clan doing vog because I only did it in D1 once, my other friend joins us, we want to learn the raid, we get stuck to ads

  38. When I was learning vow, I used to always try new positions and try to do them by seeing what previous team mates were doing in those positions, and those were the funnest and most satisfying raids I’ve done

  39. And then you start doing the mechanics and get killed by ADs because all your teammates who "cleared ADs" ran Hawkmoon and a sniper rifle :|

  40. Dude, I do every role possible in VoW. Helping other teammates in first obelisk encounter depending on taken position. Collect symbols in caretaker. Do the jumping puzzle unlock part. Get the cleanse relic( from VoG) and lastly get infinite buff shares on rhulk and dunk each of them. Only rhing I didn't try was symbol dunks on the damage phase part of ehulk, maybe I should try that too!

  41. Honestly aside from running relic in vog my favourite role in any raid atm is definitely without a doubt being one of the two stunning caretaker

  42. For the simple reason of making sure stuff goes smoothly I will always volunteer for the “harder” roles or the ones that can mess up the encounter.

  43. The dunniest one is "i know what to do" 2 encounters later "i havent done this in so long do you....uhhh" *spoiler alert they didnt know how to do the raid at all and fucked atheon CP up for all of us 3 times in a row by DROPPING THE RELIC AT THE FUCKING DAMAGE PHASE

  44. I make damn sure to know what to do and jump in to whatever position is required. It seems like the fun disappears if all I’m gonna do is adds so it’s good for both parties.

  45. I haven't seen anyone mention Leviathan. Yes, Castellum had ad clear and arguably 2 of 3 in the Calus throne room, but Baths, Gauntlet, and the damage phase of Dogs (Pleasure Garden) required everyone to contribute to the mechanics, even if Baths was a simple rotation. That's why I loved taking ppl through Lev and was sad when it got vaulted.

  46. That's a bad sign, for more than just the fact that they probably don't KWTD. Everyone who calls dibs on ads ends up being super trash at clearing ads.

  47. I only ask for adds in caretaker since, I have a terrible sense of direction. I know every role so I would change is needed. The rest of the raid I can do anything needed.

  48. Add clear is the job you give the people who have absolutely no clue. Usually you should never need any add clear ad any encounter since it will be passively done by the people doing other jobs. Unless it's a low man or a speedclear nobody with experience should ever do addclear imo.

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