Big Grove has credit card fees

  1. VISA rules prohibit penalizing people solely for the fact they are using a card, but by calling this a “non-cash” fee, it could probably be claimed that this would apply to multiple types (checks, gift cards, etc) and not be a penalty strictly on cards. IANAL but as long as they will accept cash (or a form of payment that allows customers to bypass a “convenience fee”) it’s probably allowed.

  2. A pizza place I sometimes go to has a similar charge, but they appear to be trying to circumvent this rule by saying that the prices shown on the menu reflect a cash discount price, then add 3% for credit card users.

  3. I noticed the same thing on my tab there the other night. I wasn't too upset. Coincidentally, I had the same two IPAs that show up on your tab. Good stuff.

  4. It’s funny how we’ve normalized banks skimming 2-3% off every transaction we ever make. They weren’t always inserted into every purchase like that.

  5. I can remember this being 'normal' when I was a kid - if you used a credit card, there was a processing fee attached.

  6. A very substantial percentage of that comes back to you in the form of cash back / rewards. Nearly all cards offer at least 1% on all purchases, some up to 5% for certain purchases.

  7. You’re right. But as card payments have become the norm for billions of people around the world, the infrastructure and security needs have become much more complex than ever before. There’s a cost associated with making sure those payments are done securely. If my PII and funds are protected, I’m okay with paying a bit more.

  8. They have always had a fee — it’s up to the business whether to just charge the 3% in the price of the product or break it out separately —either way it’s in the total price you pay

  9. Assuming they use square like most businesses last I knew the fee for the merchant was a hair over 2% so at 3% there still allowing themselves a small profit on a “convenience fee”. Also “convenience fee” is just ridiculous in a world that’s more cashless than not, and it’s also more convenient for them to have the money just go right into their account and not have to worry about the extra process of taking cash to the bank. Also they can claim those fees on their taxes and get 40% back so if anything to avoid the extra step of adding it to the check and potentially passing people off and turning away business just chalk it up to the cost of doing business and eat the fee. They want you to supplement sub minimum wage and then want you to cover their cost for processing cards on top of that

  10. 3% is pretty common, I work at a third party delivery company and ours is like 2.9% + $.30 per order. However, do just put it into the food price and eat the charge.

  11. I have no recollection of the tax write off. Where are you finding that info? The additional "small profit" is completely eaten by tips. When you tip, the fee is assessed to Big Grove, then they pay the fee to the vendor (VizyPay, their bank, Square, or whatever company). At the end of the year, it's pretty much a wash.

  12. It’s stated explicitly on the menu and I saw it the first time I went. It’s wasn’t advertised and wasn’t hidden.

  13. I’ve only had their burger, which was completely flavorless with a low grade bun. Also they use sweet pickles (eww) instead of dill. No love in that burger

  14. I haven’t been to the Des Moines location, but tried the Iowa City Big Grove several times. Imo Big Grove is overrated. Food has always been way too salty, and everything is overpriced.

  15. I haven’t been to the Des Moines location, but tried the Iowa City Big Grove several times. Imo Big Grove is overrated. Food has always been way too salty, and everything is overpriced.

  16. Just had dinner at sakari and they had the same thing. Maybe this isn't the move, but I've been making sure my 20% tip is based on the amount before all the fees. Is always used to just default to the final total cost.

  17. Pay in cash if you want to avoid it. It's not free to process card payments. The alternative is charging more on every purchase. Either way the customers will be paying for the credit card fees.

  18. Idc that it isn't free. If they want my business, you have to offer that payment method. If you charge me extra to pay that way, I won't give you my money. Simple as.

  19. Could be a transparent charge too.. rather than baking it into every purchase (cash or otherwise). Odds are that they are paying a service to allow at-the-table credit card swipes... And they allow you to bypass a traditional material cash exchange for a 3% convenience fee.

  20. Cc fees are insane for businesses. I work at a small family run coffee shop and our fees were upwards of $1500 a MONTH. That’s $18,000 a year. That’s a lot for a small business. Why should they have to pay that out of their pocket

  21. small bus. owner here. Yes, like all the other costs that a business has. Should I add a "rent" convenience fee for the customer walking through my door? A utilities convenience fee for having the space a reasonable temperature? That's just as stupid. It will drive customers away. Build it into your costs and streamline the bill.

  22. Apparently all these people prefer a large flat price instead. They don't want to know what they're paying for so they can complain about high prices.

  23. Not anymore, this is completely legal. I work for a company that just added a similar fee. Our HR department did some research and investigating before confirming its okay to do now.

  24. I use a credit card for all my purchases because of the reward points. However, I’ll use cash if I know the price is better. Just make it transparent and the customer and business Can both be happy

  25. Oh no the small business is charging money to recoup lost revenue because credit card companies charge them for transactions. How terrible.

  26. My wife works in the business of credit card processing. These fees are set by the big guys, Amex, Visa, Mastercard etc. and any other processors have to follow the leaders due to a variety of laws, regulation, and just staying in the game. The fact that Big Grove sees fit to be transparent about the fact that they have to cover the fees if other people don't, doesn't necessarily speak well of them, but airing the dirty little secret of commerce to the world isn't fully a bad thing.

  27. There's no way to say if they should or shouldn't just build the CC fee into their prices when you don't know their profit margin. They set the price of their "C-Worthy" at $7 a pint. I'm fairly certain they didn't land exactly on $7 after calculating overhead + profit margin.

  28. I don’t understand why places don’t just have a paying in cash discount instead of adding a fee.

  29. We offer that at Chopstix in Grimes! So if you like Vietnamese and/or Chinese food - come check us out! Chinese entrees served on weekends only.

  30. I hate this. I’d rather they just make the items on the menu a little higher. Credit card fees, to my knowledge, are a flat fee per transaction, no? So the group that comes in, orders apps, dinners, dessert, drinks and racks up a $500 bill and puts it on one card — is their credit card fee $15?

  31. The business usually just pays the transaction fees. This one is making you pay them, however, the fee is too high.

  32. Card processors have been increasing fees over the past few years to make up for the higher fees card companies have been charging. Someone has to pay for the points. I've been starting to carry more cash these days; Visa and MC don't need any more money.

  33. Used to be the credit card thing was sold to businesses in order to avoid taking checks and risk getting them bounced. A small fee to avoid the risk bad checks.

  34. This is also the business that requires their customers to order their food and drinks online via an app that you download after you scan a QR code at your table. Though technically not required, but good luck getting reasonable service without using it. At least that's how it is at the Iowa City location. They should give customers a discount for making them sit in those horribly uncomfortable trendy metal chairs that every new restaurant has.

  35. You're willing to cough up 8 bucks for a passion fruit pale, but not a couple of bucks for the convenience of using your plastic? C'mon Man!

  36. What about businesses that want you to round up? They take your money and then donate it to their charity, presumably booking a tax deduction?

  37. Barn Town is doing this too and it’s going to be the practice for most restaurants moving forward.

  38. That’s a pouty post. Of course they do. They get charged for it. Love how you whined about the smallest part of your bill. Do you Big Grove!!

  39. It’s interesting how giving people transparency and more choice/control makes them upset. I suppose the instinct is to be upset with the change itself. Perhaps there’s even an idea that this is “unjust”.

  40. There's nothing wrong with doing this, especially since it sounds like they are warning customers. Most customers don't know that every single business that accepts cards has to pay these fees to the card processors. Every business passes the card fees on to the customer, but they usually hide these costs on the back end by pricing them into their budget and covering the costs in slightly higher prices of goods and services.

  41. It's annoying, but at least it's honest. On scale of fuckery pulled by local restaurants in the area, it's pretty mild.

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