I hate having autism, my life sucks so much and there's no way to be happy

  1. Your post encapsulates exactly how I feel. I’m not gone bs you and say it will get better or you’ll find happiness or whatever but know there’s one person(me) out in this world who feels exactly what you said. You’re not alone.

  2. It's kind of sad not being alone in something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Life is so unfair and I'm not allowed to unalive. I don't get it.

  3. i hate how accurate this feeling is. i used to blame everything on myself like lack of friends, relationships, self-worth ect ect but i realized that its really not my fault at all. a lot of the dreadful shit we deal with and go through (we as in specifically those with autism) just happens to us. everyone gets depression and anxiety but for us it's far more difficult to manage because we are more prone to it and less likely to have friends to help.

  4. Finally someone says it. I’ve been trying to post something like this but I’ve been so depressed to the point where I don’t have the mental energy to type or process what I want to say. It hurts so much. Why do I have to exist like this? What’s the point??!

  5. I can feel your pain, i have muscular dystrophy and people think I am not their type i had friends when I was 12 but after that age i lost my ability to walk nobody care about it and they move on their life but my life was stucked at 12, friends left me alone in darkness but i believe that you are the only one who matter no matter what people think no matter how alone you are just be your friend, try to focus on art,

  6. I'm not good at art or anything. I don't enjoy doing things. I'd been forced to give up anything that could have been a special interest or hobby so I could cope with school and friends. But none of them were worth it. People told me that if I just kept playing the game, I'd find my own niche and people who appreciate me for who I am, but that was all just a bunch of lies to make everyone feel better. I'm sick and tired of those lies, I can't even tell if I'm genuinely smiling sometimes or if it's all a reflex.

  7. Every word of this is what I’m experiencing (as I’m also autistic). The last thing I expected was to see someone experiencing the exact same thing, but here we are. It’s normal to adapt to things, but don’t exchange your personality for what people want, whatever it costs. You’ll find somebody who cares about the genuine version of you, even if it takes time

  8. I'm 33 and never found someone. Whenever I thought I found a good friend who accepts me for who I am, it gets revealed that I'm the only one who felt close and I was more of an acquaintance to them than a friend.

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