Is it normal that my parents don't sleep in the same bed together anymore?

  1. I mean I’ve never seen my parents getting along, I’ve never been convinced they’ve been in love during my lifetime. They have finally stopped sleeping in the same bed and I’m guessing it is because of the reason they gave (my dad going to bed super late and waking my mom every night) but also because they don’t really love each other so there’s no point in my mom dealing with being woken up every night. They’ve just started doing this recently since I moved out and my room and bed is up for grabs.

  2. That's kind of what happened to me too, they're really more of in the platonic part of things in their marriage, and then a few years back they just started sleeping separately. I think it was mostly when I got 18, they begin drift apart slowly. Well I wouldn't be surprised anw

  3. well lets see, in their other daily actions do you get the vibe that they're just barely tolerating each other? my parents' relationship basically deteriorated over the years and them sleeping separately was kind of the last straw and the most obvious sign that they had stopped caring for each other, but the signs were already there before the sleeping thing if you knew where to look

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