I can't get over someone, and I hate myself so much.

  1. You aren't an annoying POS. You are a person. You are in pain and you are working on it. Try to say positive things out loud everytime you think negativity. It sounds dumb and small but you have to try the little things to heal your self esteem. I hope it helps

  2. The good parts of him weren’t real. Everything he did was for his ego. It was never about you. He was fully focused on his own feelings. You need to mourn what you thought he could have been but never was and never will be. He is not capable.

  3. I know, you're right and I try to tell myself this a lot but it feels like there are certain obstacles that I can't overcome. I think what makes it so hard is when I say good parts it's not just about the times he treated me good, it's more so the objective things about him. His interests, sense of humor, intelligence, looks, sexual compatibility, and in a fucked up way I think him also being a broken and depressed person made me like him more too. Every time I try to meet another guy I am just so extremely uninterested, and it makes me feel so upset and lonely, I so badly want to feel interested in another guy.

  4. Yeah, you're right about that being the hate part. I just feel like no matter how much I try to understand things logically I cannot control the emotional part of me.

  5. You remind me of someone I use to know...the difference though is that she hurt me and i'm the one who pushed her away after she tried to reconnect with me 8 years later. I wasn't interested in a round 2 after how badly she hurt me. I guess your username is what reminded me of her. She loved kirby and other nintendo characters. Also maybe just the way I read your post. I don't mean any offense. I hope you feel better and get through this.

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