Demon’s Souls is still the most graphically impressive PS5 game

  1. I know that a lot of people were unhappy in the change of art direction from the original, but Jesus it is such a beautiful game I couldn't believe my eyes when playing it. This is exactly what I bought the PS5 for!

  2. I mean, if the PS3 could have pulled off that atmosphere, and not just washed out foggy brown, I'd be inclined to believe they would have. The remake is more colorful, yes, but its atmospheric tone is very deliberately designed to closely match the intent of the original. I played through both completely, and can't really say I felt any significant atmosphere deviance.

  3. It’s crazy how much of a difference the “PS5 only” titles are in graphics and just how smooth the gameplay and everything is with 60 fps.

  4. Ya agreed, it's honestly pathetic that the best next generation looking game came out at launch 2yrs ago, and we haven't had many others in the meantime. Getting pretty annoying.

  5. Yeah while I am happy that people with a PS4 get to play GoW Ragnarok I will always be thinking "what if" when imagining how good that game could've looked. And how it would've gotten rid of the obvious loading screens (like slowly passing through an opening in the wall) which evidently are in the game now, even if the PS5 don't need them because the PS4 is slower at loading things

  6. The problem is game publishers don't want to do this because the user base of PS5s is not large enough yet, to sell enough copies they have to support PS4 as well

  7. I think because of the limited ps5 production and high difficulty to get they didn’t want to alienate most of their fan base

  8. This was my first game on ps5 and still probably the best for next gen feeling. Maybe it's because I played dark souls games before and have something more specific to compare it to. It's above elden ring for graphics as well. Make me look forward to the future games that will be developed exclusively for what will then be called "current gen"

  9. I would say horizon forbidden west specially considering that it is an open world game. Even random npcs are really detailed have great facial animations.

  10. Hard agree, but I feel kinda bad for non-Souls PS5 owners. I know plenty of people who just can't get into them, so it kinda sucks to not really have a reason (and sometimes the ability) to play basically the best-looking console game.

  11. I think some of it just how good HDR looks in it. Vivid colours and contrast are extremely important but still loads of games have bad HDR implementation.

  12. It truly is, the game is very beautiful in HDR almost as good as PC graphics. Another game that looks really good in HDR is Cod Cold war but that game is pure ass

  13. True, that game blew me away. With headphones, the fight with the giant stingray (forget what it’s called) was one of the most epic things I’ve ever experienced. In life, not just in a video game. Felt like a theme park ride/experience, but in my bedroom.. it was insane.

  14. Demon souls was my favorite game when I had my ps3 and they did an outstanding job with the ps5 release. Seriously could not be happier with the game unless they released some cut content dlc with the broken ark stone.

  15. I agree. Also the magic effects in dark areas and other cool stuff is just something I've never seen in another game I played.

  16. It is. Funny thing a co worker recommended it to me because he said it looks soooooooo good. We never played souls games and didn't know how challenging they were. He quit it lol but I'm a regular souls player. I've been recently playing dark souls and I'm on dark souls 3 now. I do stop here and there to play demon souls. And I REALLY appreciate how good it looks and I appreciate the game in many aspects too.

  17. Never played it Elden ring, After playing demon’s souls remake I feel I’m going to be disappointed with the graphics. I’m still gonna be Play ER but I’ll probably be underwhelmed with the graphics.

  18. The first game I saw where I thought "Okay, I understand why this necessitates a new generation of consoles" and while games like Rift Apart are impressive, I still haven't felt the level of WOW that i got from Demons Souls

  19. It absolutely is. Every time I play it even today I'm in awe of the detail, the lighting effects, and the performance.

  20. I bought a ps5 just for this game, and damn even after watching all the trailers and comparisons, i was still impressed. The last of us remake is the only game I’ve ever seen that looks and runs as good.

  21. Finally got this the other night. The graphics are stunning. Elden ring should have looked like this. Graphically blows Elden Ring out the water. To me Elden Ring Graphically looks like Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne to me. Maybe that's just me though. It didn't blow me away like this Demons Souls did. Visually speaking.

  22. is there only one game called demon's souls or more than one game? And if there are more than one game, which one do u think is the best?

  23. They revamped all of the animations. Unless you're referring to boss movesets. There's not really a way they could update those without changing the core gameplay.

  24. It really is. This game set the standard for how good games can look, and how smoothly they can play on a console. Admittedly I haven't really used my PS5 since I stopped playing a year or so ago...

  25. Yes but ghostwire Tokyo has raytracing and I think the game is very pretty at most levels. However big disappointment was when I go to the stores and the food textures are so flat and blurry

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