Why Demon’s Souls is worth playing,compared to the other Souls games

  1. Honestly dark souls has been my favorite but after playing demon souls on ps5 I think it’s my favorite now. I loved the atmosphere, you absolutely nailed it. And in all honesty, I think I place it over Elden Ring. Kinda sad everyone quit playing it to play elden ring too :(

  2. Another W of Demon’s Souls is how it’s size. If I were to start a new playtrough in the morning it would finish it that day. But another playtrough of Elden Ring is just a much bigger commitment

  3. I think the biggest praise I have for Demon's Souls is that there is beauty in simplicity. It is to Dark Souls 1 what Bloodborne is to Dark Souls 3 - the same core ideas, but stripped of a certain degree of complexity.

  4. I think you nailed it perfectly. While bosses in DeS don’t excel in variety of moveset ( they have like 3 moves) , what makes them memorable is their gimmick and originality. I am doing my second run of Elden Ring as we speak I feel your complaints. While I love the bosses jn Elden Ring (or the main ones anyway) ,some things about their designs are not it. Basically,every boss has a flurry in the game that the only possible way to dodge it is to be as far as possible from the boss when they do it ,or you get hit. Worse, after you dodge said flurry you don’t always get an attack window at the boss. That spoils the immersion of the fight for me. Now don’t get me wrong , I don’t hate fast combat. In fact I love it. But I feel like Tarnished is slightly to slow for the bosses. He should be as fast as Hunter from Bloodborne and there would be no problem .

  5. So far, the best thing is the dragon bone smasher. It’s not the best weapon in most cenarios, but the CLANK and how it turns most enemies into rag dolls are so satisfying.

  6. Another point to Elden Ring but I love how more streamlined they made co-op. It's much easier to get going and play with others in that game than previous titles and I loved that about it. (Coming from someone who pretty much 100% solo'd all other souls games.)

  7. The Seamless Co-op mod for Elden Ring has ruined the base game's multiplayer for me. Not getting kicked after a boss/death or having to quit the session to go between the overworld and dungeons... it really is how the game should have been IMO. I only go back to the base game for PVP.

  8. Ok so I really want to get into demon’s souls. Actually its the sole reason I bought a Ps5, done every soulsborne/er/sekiro game aside from ds2 and ds. I ended up getting hooked hard into BB when i tried both to see which i wanted to start first, keep trying demon’s souls, got past phalanx but it just isn’t clicking… halp me

  9. My second charcter used magics and it was definitely OP. I felt like I cheated the game lol. That's the only thing I have against DeS

  10. Just got a ps5 couple days ago and started my DeS play through and I’ve yet to encounter a boss that’s hard after 12 hours. But I do enjoy it a great deal so far. It’s a great visual journey, though a bit too easy (so far).

  11. The atmospheric tension in 5 is great but I really hated being there. It’s so hostile. I thought 2 was pretty awesome tbh.

  12. I played DeS about halfway through before Elden Ring came out and enjoyed it a lot. Once Elden Ring came out I played it for about two months straight. I went back to DeS, and the game just felt so old. It looks great, but plays like a 2009 game. I still love the game, it's just not very high on my SoulsBourne list.

  13. It is old ,yes. My biggest gripe with it is bosses having like 3 moves on a good day. Most fights were over under a minute for me in NG++

  14. Its the worst in the series. 75% are gimick bosses. Enemys are annyoing not challenging. World design is great. Most of the weapons are cool tho. Only few of them are bad. Farming for grass is annoying. Only 2-3 decent bosses.

  15. I'm playing it for first time and I hate being two shoted by almost any enemy, farming those fucking heals and the runs to the bosses. Fuck I thought it was more linear but each world is a mess. Just killed Fools Idol and it's a crazy level design. Also fuck flamelurker. Died more times on the jump down than the actual fight

  16. DS3 has the best bosses but saying it has no bad bosses is just wrong. Deacons, Ancient Wyvern, Wolnir, Crystal Sage, and Greatwood are all bosses that make me want to not replay the game because I have to fight them all (except Wyvern) in a gauntlet combined with 4 of my least favorite locations in the game.

  17. I feel like those aren’t that bad but it’s a matter of perspective . I don’t really mind Deacons of Sage very much

  18. For me DeS was so mid, the worst runbacks and terrible healing mechanic, the bosses were way too easy and level design was just meg, sure the atmosphere is great, especially in the remake, but other than that the game isn’t really that good.

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