Nothing more left to do for the hurricane hitting Florida. Time to stay indoors and take it easy with the Uni and keep a positive attitude. Stay safe, fellow Floridians!

  1. I live in Sarasota in an area that isn’t a flood zone thankfully. I stocked up on batteries, water, and non-perishable food back in June. Hurricane season happens every year, so I prepared ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything that’s within my control.

  2. Stay safe, hope you're stocked up. I know folks in Gainesville, someone near Hulbert Field, and Jacksonville??

  3. Yeah I placed an order from highly concentr8ed on Friday and it still hasn’t shipped… just realized they are based in Florida. Not that I’m complaining, just hope every Floridian stays as safe as possible.

  4. Ha! I placed an order with HC8ed last Fri for Blue Razz gummies. The mailman delivered them to Orlando on Wed. I donned my heavy rain suit and made my way to the mailbox. So glad I did! One gummie got me a great night of sleep right through the hurricane!

  5. Lost power 1pm yesterday, as of 8:21am it’s still out, but no damage to my home and no flooding. Very lucky. Hope everyone else in the state are good too!

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