Just opened our D8 “dispensary” in Gulfport Mississippi

  1. Hey fellas, super excited to share this with y’all! Last Friday we opened our D8 “dispensary” in Mississippi “Top Shelf Canna” we wanted to bring to the table quality brands we all here know are legitimate with full panel/lab tests, and to give people a better understanding on why to stay away from buying D8 etc from gas stations and stores alike! If anyone is in the local area please stop by we would love to see everyone! We’re super excited!!

  2. Wishing the best of luck! My buddies wife’s friend recently opened a shop in NC and has seen alot of success and loves it.

  3. I just got 2 bags of their 15mg d9 "live rosin" taffy and it is honestly fucking amazing. I can take 1 and it puts me right where I want to be and 2 if I want to be fucked up lol.

  4. This country is in such a fucked up state. Millions of imprisoned people for non violent cannabis charges, and a white dude from Mississippi (not hating) can make bank off un- regulated alt THC market. That is insane.

  5. Meanwhile the people making these decisions can do whatever fucked up thing they want and avoid any responsibility or repercussion.

  6. Yeah it’s fucked up , but look at it. It’s inevitable for legalization at this point where we’re kinda of in the loop hole grey area. Makes no fucking sense to me cause people are getting blazed off this shit and it’s in every gas station. Only a matter of time

  7. They are on the list to expand with, so far we got cookies (legitimate, they were released for wholesale purchased last week) HTH, 3chi/Skyhio, Urb, mellowfellow, harbor city hemp, and a few others

  8. So, there’s a particular product that just does it for me. It’s distillate and it’s 90% delta 8 and the regular dose of delta 9 that’s legal. It’s called purlyf Bruce banner og dab. If you aren’t already carrying a distillate I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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