1. This article is clearly meant for people who have no idea what Delta 8 is, and it doesn't really attempt to explain anything. "we talked to some people who like it and they like it, then we talked to some people who don't like it and they don't like it". Links to a clearly lab shopped test from a year ago with a number way too high to be legitimate. Its not pro or anti d8, its merely a low quality article stretching to hit a word count.

  2. There’s a pay wall so I could only read the first two paragraphs, but this article appears to be about impurities in Delta 8, as opposed to side effects of Delta 8 itself. That syncs well with this sub, which you’ve known if you’ve been here for a while, so: good.

  3. Let me get this straight, lady drank a delta 8 cocktail and complained about it being too much?? How about people don't get crossfaded, then they can judge what the experience is like, smh. Though it sounds like the bar should have been marketing that cocktail way more carefully so people realize what they're getting into. And of course the media turns into a fearmongering article, predictable. Feds, we see straight though what you're doing and it's not working. People, just be careful about where you buy your shit from and don't get high and drunk simultaneously if you're a beginner or have a low tolerance.

  4. I'm not paying to read that. But it's pretty well-known that delta 8 can contain impurities. It's not a regulated market.

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