Vape carts for distillate?

  1. I don’t have a recommendation for carts but as far as the refillable devices go a lot of people on this sub are going to the Nord 4. It has a 4.5ml pod. One thing I do know is you need 1.2 ohm quartz rpm coils to handle the disty.

  2. Has PCKT been good lately? Haven't used them in ages due to the horrible QC issues that were going on. Them still being at $4 tells me probably not.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions all. I went with the nord x. Seems to be more of what im looking for plus it has variable voltage.

  4. Gilded extracts has Ikrusher screw top glass carts pretty cheap. I'm starting to like the Ikrusher better than CCELL.

  5. Vape pen whole sale you can buy carts and disposables and all that on there cheap too. High quality and many diffrent kinds of empty carts

  6. Sprk ceramic carts for the best flavor. Sprk metal carts for good flavor and sturdy build quality. Ccell carts for reliability. Avd carts for smooth hits and good flavor.

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