Damn !

  1. I am interested to know who are these friends and why do they exist as friends ? If friends do this what are supposed to be done by enemies ?

  2. me from gurgaon thinking why is delhi still ahead in such things while my city has most insane people known to mankind

  3. Delhi people tend to file FIR more than other states. Crime rate in USA is more than Afganistan if you go by statistics that is because Americans report more crimes(sometimes on even useless matters). But that doesn't mean Afganistan is safer than USA.

  4. Gurgaon mein gay log bhi to kam hain. Kya pata gay pane mein ho gaya sab. I don't know why I'm not looking at it seriously .

  5. what the fuck is this sick twisted festish with inserting things inside private parts? Nirbhaya case is the 1st time I heard of something like this and hasnt changed one bit

  6. Cheap internet👉no parental supervision on phone usage 👉pornhub👉unlocking new fetish while being high on hormones

  7. Do you know what saddens me? That the people choose to joke about it like it's no big issue. This thread is a testimony to my statement. Just have a look at it. How the circumstances change when the genders are switched.

  8. "Haha uske gand mai sariya daal diya 😂😂 Sala kaise chilla raha tha- mummy-mummy " - That's what these guys probably think

  9. भोसड़िके rod इतना पसंद है तो अपने छेद में डाल ना। रंडी के पिल्ले समझते है मज़ाक़ चल रहा है।

  10. Bc 10-12 saal ke bche yeh bkchodi kr rhe hai saala cricket, football khelne ki age mai yeh konsi game khel rhe hai yeh bache

  11. What's up with delhi rapists' obsession with rods. If I remember correctly, it was similar case with nirbhaya.

  12. Har jaga sarcasm daal ke cool nahi ho jata insaan. Har sensible banda joke situation dekh ke marta hai. Tu wannabe lagta hai at best. Tere se bade sarcastic bande baithe hein yaha. Par sabko akal hai kab kya bolna hai.

  13. Funny thing is that this won't get in court as rape cause our law believes that men can't be raped and only sodomized.

  14. Thinking even about this is billions of light year ahead of my mind never in trillion years even a enemy would do this to anyone

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