Discovered and excellent resource to help with decluttering and tidying up

  1. One strategy that I really loved was to use baskets for storage, and put them where the stuff is anyways. For me, that translates to ditching the pipe dream of ever having shoes neatly on a shoe rack, and instead putting a laundry basket in the closet and putting all of my shoes in there. It sounds so disorganized and messy, but in reality it made it so easy to put my shoes where they were supposed to go that it resulted in less mess in so many other places.

  2. Have you ever read Dana White and the idea where cleaning and decluttering are entirely separate? The approach might resonate with you. Her

  3. Could you, or anyone who knows, tell us the author?? There’s like 4 different books on Amazon with almost the exactly same title and description, but different authors, when I search the book name and want to get the right one.

  4. I had never heard of the clutterbug. I just went and took the quiz. I am a ladybug!!!!! Going to see if her tips help declutter my home.

  5. This sounds like something I need to read! I just tried to look it up on amazon and its coming up with a ton of different books with sliiiigtly different titles. Is KC Davies the right author?

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