Is it possible to see all rewards programs I've signed up for?

  1. As the emails come in, you might take the time to not just unsubscribe but go in and delete your whole account. Whatever you do, avoid idk about phone numbers.

  2. That's how I did it too. Takes a while, but as stuff comes in, I would either unsubscribe or unsibscribe and delete the account. For those I kept, in the majority of cases I could log them on "Stocard". It's an app that lets you see your reward cards, so you don't need to bring the cards with you. It works with anything, from airlines to supermarkets, and covers several countries. Doing the tirage was helpful because I saw which cards/reward programmes I was using and were worth keeping (and then purge the physical cards too) and which ones could be deleted. I'm in the UK and I would say, any programme that has my phone also has my email. I don't think there are programmes you can sign up for just with the phone number. So flitering through emails could be helpful in the checking what programmes you have. But that might be different in other countries.

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