What is the best Death Grips album cover? Fashion Week for me

  1. what do u mean conceptually ? like just the story of how he said fuck u to the label and did that? or is there more to it

  2. Bottomless Pit, right up there with Money Store. Both are simple but very efficiently convey the feeling of listening to the record.

  3. I agree. I know it’s an aboriginal man but like when you look at the cover for the first time you see an angry black man and that’s also what you hear when you listen to the album. It’s very apt.

  4. The Government Plates RSD vinyl cover is my personal favorite one cause of the props for the 3D music videos and how damn cool they are, Money Store, NLDW, and NOTM’s covers take a close spot behind it.

  5. Bottomless Pit, Government Plates and Fashion Week. They are very simple, but very effective to remember them.

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