Apparently Galactus Vs Unicron won't happen since Galactus is unknown

  1. Not like he's the posterboy final boss for one of Marvel's most famous games or anything. Not like he's a integral opponent for one of Marvel's flagship teams or anything. Not like he's the 1st damn thing you learn about when you look at the space side of Marvel or anything.

  2. The way I first learned about the lore of marvel and dc is by watching avengers earths mightest heros and justice league the animated seires

  3. I only knew him thanks to DCUO and his annoying discovery Gotham/Metropolis missions. I hate him back then, now I just accept the free exp

  4. Excuse me, but I played Lego batman 3: beyond Gotham and Lego DC supervillains, I knew who booster gold was before that episode

  5. That's such bullshit especially when we had Namor, Spider Man 2099, Silver Samurai long before the former two were in mainstream marvel movies; MCU or Into the Spider verse. That's just in terms of Marvel characters. And come on its Galactus, he's one of the most well villains and is an integral part of one of Marvel's biggest teams.

  6. I'd argue Unicron is more obscure, but that doesn't take away from the matchup. If anything, it makes me want it more because I love learning about characters I don't know much about.

  7. If you really want to use that excuse than use it for Unicorn since even in the Transformers games he isn't used that much.

  8. cough, cough Apocalypse, Namor (it was before his debut. I'm counting it), Cable, Magneto, Rogue, Wolverine, Venom, Spider-Man 2099, Carnage, Ghost Rider, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Doctor Doom, Storm, and motherfucking Deadpool. cough, cough Sorry nasty cough I had. I'm getting a real bad cold.

  9. I hope this is a joke because I'm pretty sure there's plenty of people who didn't know who galaxia, booster gold, namor, afro samurai and most definitely ragna the bloodedge were. And definitely less known then Galactus.

  10. As far as niche characters go, DB has featured five Killer Instinct fighters, Needles Kane and Bucky O'Hare. Galactus is a household name by comparison.

  11. Galactus is hasn’t appeared in too much media but he is still pretty iconic as one of the biggest marvel villains. It’s like saying dr doom is unknown which clearly he isn’t

  12. Death Battle fans try not to say a character is unknown because they don't know them challenge (impossible).

  13. That’s a weak reasoning by whoever said that. I hardly read the comics but I still watch them Death Battles anyway and I know who Galactus is.

  14. Folks be telling them movie fans to read comics but yet for some reason, they refuse or act like they know everything just from even watching one movie

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